A Clear Board with a Red Dot

Be your best self. Indeed, I have heard that previously and, I’m certain, you as well, are familiar with this.

My inquiry is: Which self? Which variant? The real one or the one I have been portraying socially?

In the hustle of putting my social self at the middle table, my authentic self lost its presence. Presently, the actual potential of my real self is different to me. I have no hint regardless of whether it is sufficiently capable, leading to another dilemma of social acceptance.

What assuming I speak my view out and society doesn’t accept that? Or on the other hand I speak something which doesn’t fall under the ‘societal standards.’

Keeping the ‘ I couldn’t care less,’ attitude is easy yet maintaining it all through is precarious.

I’m not against society but rather the parasitic mentality that feeds on the local area. This is of no utilization. Instead, it constructs a persona which gets hard to replace later.

Our general public frames its criteria according to its benefit. The criteria continue changing after some time relying upon their prerequisites. Adjusting oneself and being in the great book of society, we will generally fail to remember the genuine self at any point existed.

Talk excessively? You should be an easy individual.

Talk excessively less? Goodness! Self observer?

Have a voice? Arrogant.

Liberal and kind? Naive.

And the rundown goes on.

Presumably! The terms like self-disclosure, love yourself, taking care of oneself, and so on are rising.

“To act naturally in a world that is constantly attempting to make you something different is the greatest accomplishment.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finding the lost magic is troublesome yet not feasible in that frame of mind of balance and rapid adjustments.

Assuming you are somebody searching for your magic back, I wish you more power and want you to acknowledge that you are almost there.

Assuming that you are somebody who has got your back, share your side of the story.

Thanks for Reading.


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