A Letter To My Future Self

I want more from you

Dear Peach,

I’m certain you know that when I really want to think really hard, I compose. I’m having an uncertain outlook on my capabilities and my future. The fear that my life could amount to nothing is what keeps me in bed all day (indeed, I can see the contradiction). Expounding on what I believe is the main way I know to reassure I.

I simply contemplate you and who you are each and every day.

All I do is trust that you are the individual I want you to be.

I really want to believe that you are at this point not a coward.

I want to believe that you are brave, and unapologetically yourself.

I want to believe that you get better at socializing.

I genuinely want to believe that you stand up to your stepfather.

I genuinely want to believe that you post all your art so that the world might see.

I truly want to believe that you can search in the mirror without jumping.

I trust things get better for you.


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