A Marketing Lesson We Can Learn From Figma, A 20B $ Company

Free doesn’t mean non-benefit.

Figma is a collaborative interface configuration instrument. It allows you to share ventures, documents, and frames through the cloud and is a device for one of the most sizzling careers existing apart from everything else: UI/UX and digital planners.

Something astounding for many individuals is that despite the fact that it was launched in 2016 (just six years ago), this week, Adobe announced they were getting it for $20 Billion.

And after analyzing what the accomplishment behind this new company was, I found it was all marketing and no other than client surveys (personally viewed as the best one on the off chance that you want masses for your item). Here is my analysis of what we can learn about this company.

How Figma became so fast

Despite the fact that there are many plan app Software, Figma had many features which made it stand out from the masses. A portion of those are:

A staggering collaborative encounter

This item utilizes the same tactic that made Whatsapp and Slacks effective: Item drove development. Basically, Figma turns out to be more clever when more individuals use it for a task.

This made individuals start to involve something else for teamwork thanks to all the devices that allowed them to complete something faster and easier.

A multi-platform app

This app is available not just for the normal operating frameworks (Mac, Windows, and Linux) yet in addition on the web. You can run it in your program, no installation required, and utilize all the features this app has.

This made it accessible to literally everybody that wanted to utilize the app. And they did an amazing plan work on each platform.

So in addition to the fact that it is really great for collaboration, yet anyone, regardless of what gadget they’re utilizing, can deal with a venture.

Serious Evaluating

Of all the applications that exist in the market, Figma was the one that had the lowest cost for companies, along with a superior help.

And since everybody was starting to involve it for personal activities and freelance collaborations, it was very easy to migrate to this application. So organizations started thinking about it as a choice.

In any case, even with all those features, just an amazing item doesn’t guarantee you achievement. There are a ton of good applications that are obscure around the world and are not because they lack something being developed.

Yet, Figma accomplished something that ranked them in the top #1 (even above Adobe apps) that assisted them with marketing without putting a penny on it: they made a collaborative item free of charge. Allow me to explain why this was so important, along with all their features.

How making the collaborative item free makes them Billions.

On Figma, you can create, collaborate with your companions, and launch all that free of charge assuming you are an individual, freelance, or understudy, no inquiry posed.

At the point when you have an app that is so available for everyone, not just because you can work there free of charge, but since it’s on each platform you can imagine, you will be viewed as the main choice for collaborative work. It doesn’t matter what PC your gathering has, or on the other hand to install something, you can all work there together.

And the vast majority work with a partner. So while picking what app to work with, Figma will always be referenced because of its features.

This made them gain massive popularity during the last 6 years, which made them be also the main choice for their business clients, that made them practically twofold their benefit consistently:

They hit $81.1M in income this year.

$51.1M in income in 2021

$35.1M in income in 2020

Launched in 2016 with $0 income

So as everyone was utilizing it, companies (that were the main paid clients they had) also started thinking about it as a choice. That’s when Figma chose to be cheaper than the opposition for business clients, making it the main choice not just for individuals who might want to utilize it free of charge yet in addition for companies.

Final contemplations

Giving something free of charge to a great many people doesn’t mean you won’t have benefits. The best marketing you can have is others, and Figma reaches popularity thanks to this move.

Also, Figma has a strong vision: Make their item so available for everyone they couldn’t be overlooked anymore. At the point when you realize your item is awesome, you really want to find ways individuals pick you over the opposition. Figma achieves it by doing it free of charge and cross-platform.

Finally, when you have an item that has strong rivalry in the market, you really want to give individuals something that makes them pick your item. For individuals and understudies, it was a collaborative free platform and, for organizations, a cheaper choice that everyone was already utilizing.

I don’t think it is an occurrence that Figma was offered to Adobe for $20 billion, they did everything great from the start to gain this position, and I consider we can all learn from these marketing lessons.

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