A Stranger Who Knows My Secret

He was always there when I really wanted him. That was always close by when I started talking about everything and my sad stories. All the sad tragedies that ladies have always experienced by men. And all the secrets that I never told anyone and He was the primary audience. I who assumed that we didn’t have a clue about each other, gradually paid attention to each other. Day to day we always exchanged stories until something happened between us. Something like this makes a feeling of care appears in two individuals who initially didn’t have the foggiest idea about each other.

Interest always comes from each statement. The chatter got increasingly long until dawn came. At the point when I lost him, I felt different right away. I simply feel that I’m excessively easy to give all the secrets I shouldn’t tell. I hate individuals who leave when they have what they want to be aware. And He knew it! presently He is part of them. I hate talking to individuals for quite a while. I’m afraid that can’t stop discourse that ought not be said.


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