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I’ve been reading Stoic Way of thinking lately, and there’s one thing I should rest assured about:

I would never be that accepting.

The individuals who follow Stoicism, they accept literally everything unchangeable as far as they might be concerned ─ from work dismissal to the death of friends and family. They claim they have the guide to a better life, yet I’m puzzled as to how is it that one could be areas of strength for so? They blame, accuse nobody.

Quick version, I coincidentally found a Kinokuniya store, as I was desperate to understand The Stoics, to the point that I’ve been given two books of Stoic Way of thinking.

You may try and wager that I, when all is said and done, wanted to be a part of that world, that I wanted to be a Stoic. To lose expectations on individuals, to accept fate as it is, to be totally satisfied with whatever placed upon our plate…

It’s an almost unthinkable task to do, and I don’t have the foggiest idea how they make it happen.

Reading Stoicism closely resembles that image where you’re a caveman paying attention to individuals in suit. Then again, actually you can actually understand them. Those Stoic translations are essentially fathomable, even to sham dum-dums like me. In any case, I can’t grasp as to how one could be savvy to such an extent that even pleasure before his eyes he didn’t reach for it? That’s a Stoic for you.

Epictetus stated that we ought to treat life as in the event that we were at an evening gathering. We would accept a plate of food and help ourselves, unassumingly. However, when we had our part, we ought to pass it on ─ and let them go. That could be applied to your relationships, work, wealth and so on. He said it would be absurd assuming one raced to get that plate of fish, so one should wait patiently until it reached him. This was by a wide margin my most favorite part of The Stoic Path, at this point I actually couldn’t shake off the inclination that The Stoics were exactly what they’d been called: they’re so Stoic. Like individuals without feelings.

That takes my brain back to a tragedy in the relatively recent past, where my cousin lost her infant child. She was persuaded her baby was safely gotten back to God, back up there in heaven. This was the point at which I saw a few resemblance among Stoicism and Islamic conviction. Both are extremely strong individuals.

The Stoics treat everything being gone as “being returned” and that we’ve just been “acquired”. The idea of what they call “outward things” (relationships, family, common belongings) being taken away from us is somewhat natural, in the event that not anticipated. This, I understand. We don’t possess any of those things, yet when they leave us, as my manager always says, “Kita jadi keropos di dalam,” meaning they may leave an empty inside us.

Presently, I’m one of those individuals who love profoundly. We can ─and will─ love somebody unconditionally, because we want to. I couldn’t say whether it’s a type of attachment issues, yet I can cherish an individual to the point that no pleasure might at any point verge on cherishing that particular individual again. In any case, I surmise The Stoics were correct, even that has a place with the “outward things”.

Nonetheless, I think, that ability to cherish is totally our own. So own, treasure it while you can. I surmise in the event that you attach to your sentiments and not the outward thing, that can be viewed as an ethicalness.

I don’t possess you, however I own my affection for you, and it’s not possible for anyone to deny me of that.

One necessities a considerable training to process theory, said Epictetus, and that is valid. I don’t believe I’m arriving anytime soon. Yet, perhaps I will arrive, I may someday turn into a Stoic ─ or I may keep watching them from afar, battling not to get attached to my outward things.


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