Age Like Fine Wine; Here Is How I Celebrated My Birthday

20 September! Indeed, that’s my birthdate and until last year, I believed that ‘birthdays shouldn’t be celebrated’ because Goodness God! You didn’t do anything significant because you were conceived. Besides, these big birthday parties, inviting 50 individuals who you couldn’t care less about to show off is a pattern that social media influencers and movies have passed to us.

Last year on 20 September 2021, I stayed at home, thanked every individual who wished me, and just spent the remainder of my day as I usually manage without any kind of special treatment. Neither I accepted the importance of a birthday nor I was interested in feeling special anyway.

Presently, you should think why all in all, right?

Indeed, even I don’t have a clue about the exact answer to why I denied acknowledging that birthdays are special. However, if I think back in time and examine my point of view, I think the main reason is I WAS NOT MYSELF and I DIDN’T KNOW WHO I AM, WHAT I STAND FOR, WHAT MAKES ME, RENUKA.

And when you don’t have the foggiest idea what your identity is, whose birthday will you celebrate? How can you be excited to celebrate your BIG day when you are not interested in knowing yourself?

That’s what I was until last year. I was not interested in knowing what I am, appreciate, or genuinely want from my life. I was simply rushing to win this ‘rat race’ so I can demonstrate to society that I am intelligent.

Certain individuals are still like my old version, missing from their own life, subsequently they don’t take active participation in their own life. While certain individuals are ignorant and are living to simply impress and duplicate paste society. These individuals are ready to do anything that makes them look COOL regardless of whether it costs their own peace. Whereas, a few rare individuals create their own way of doing everything because that is what brings their unique touch to their lives and experiences.

And I am happy to announce that this year, I have a place with the third category. How? How about we find out what changed this year, how I celebrated my birthday, and why you should take note of it.

What Changed This Year?

This year has been an unadulterated blessing to me. I have never been this happy or rather satisfied with life as much as I am presently. This year, I started taking Medium seriously. This year, I figured out that I want to be an author. This year, I started my personal development venture. This year, I started decluttering toxic individuals and stuff from my life. This year, I started questioning my choices, my considerations, my behavior, my words, and my inclinations. This year, I started observing what makes me happy, sad, and angry. This year, I figured out that my words have power and presently it’s on me how to utilize that power.

And most importantly, this year, I realized that I am not simply one more human being roaming around the world. I am unique and I am not sent on earth to simply ‘wake up-eat-work-follow what individuals say-rest’

Human life is precious, a blessing, and is not given to everybody. You and I have this blessing so why not make the most out of it?

I believe that you are not a mistake or a coincidence. God has done his calculation and he has a higher reason to send you on this earth. You and I are here to live up to that higher reason. To live life so well that even the Universe thinks ‘Damn, this girl/kid is killing it’

This year, when I know my value, who I am, what I stand for, why I am conceived, and what I merit, I decided to celebrate this amazing human, Renuka.

Indeed, I viewed at myself as a separate identity as if I were looking at another person. And I realized that I have the right to age like fine wine. I have the right to live, laugh, love, celebrate, and experience the world. In this way, I decided to celebrate my birthday in a different way. Here is how I did it:

1. Living In My Dream Place:

Believe it or not, your spirit has a place with a place that exists somewhere far away from your old neighborhood. I like to think of it as a ‘dream place’ of my spirit. It’s like your spirit craves to live in that one place that is past your reach at this second. In any case, at the same, the simple idea of going to that one city/country pushes you to really buckle down.

To tell you, my spirit is kind of naughty. It has a place with many places like Edinburgh, Spain, Switzerland, and many different countries that I cannot actually depend on my fingertips. However I cannot go to any of these places at this second, I can still investigate the dream cities of my country.

Thus, I decided to take my spirit to one of the cities that I was dying to investigate, Vrindavan. I always wanted to investigate different parts of the world. Indeed, even as a child, I used to imagine myself living in different countries, and trying out new food yet as I grew up, I lived up to society’s assumptions of me. And in the race of becoming like everybody, I totally lost what my identity was, what I wanted, and what used to make my heart beat faster.

The visit to Vrindavan made me realize how much I love stillness, peace and traveling. As soon as I entered the ISKCON sanctuary, I felt as if my spirit was getting younger.

I encourage you to take yourself to a place that is home to your spirit. If you cannot travel to another nation or city, investigate a new café or maybe attempt another dish or anything new that makes your heart younger.

2. Pampering Myself:

Can you recall when did you last make an extra proposal to make yourself feel special?

Okay, I cannot.

Since childhood, we have been taught everything like how to earn cash, how to read, how to laugh, how to sit, and how to buckle down keeping everything else at stake yet nobody at any point taught us how to TAKE CARE of ourselves.

Truly, I never believed that there is something to take care of. I used to consider all this taking care of oneself and self esteem as stupid marketing tactics. However, again this year things have changed. Earlier, my main goal was to buckle down until I felt wore out.

However, presently I like to make endeavors to pamper myself, to make myself feel adored, acknowledge my endeavors, give myself things randomly, and act as if I merit the world. I never again want to feel frustrated about myself.

On this birthday, I gifted myself an iPhone 13. I was thinking of buying it for the past 4 months however the ‘supposed conditional’ thinking always became an obstacle. I was repetitively thinking ‘should I really get it, it’s so expensive?

And I think it’s our default framework to condition our happiness. Individuals make great cash yet with regards to buying anything for themselves, they question their own requirements. You should understand that you merit anything that you want and your wants don’t have to make sense to anyone. If you want something, get it without thinking if or not you merit it (however don’t become materialistic)

3. Back to Old School:

The absolute first thing I did in the morning (after the usual errands) was to write two letters, one to my 10-year-old self and the second to my 30-year-old self.

To my younger self, I composed how I am so glad for that little 10-year-old girl who has gone through such a great amount without any help. I expounded on how she really wants to believe in herself more than individuals’ decisions about her. And I said to my 10-year-old self that, bab, you have everything that you always wanted so don’t stress everything is going to be great.

To my future self, I basically expounded on what I want later on, how I am going to get it and how my life is going to change in the following couple of years. I said to my 30-year-old self, chief, I am working on everything you want so continue to dream big.

This simple exercise of writing letters to my younger and my future independent me excited about how amazing future birthdays are going to be. In fact, I was in any event, imagining reading this letter at 30 when all my dreams became my reality and feeling glad for myself for how I composed my own destiny.

I encourage you to write a letter to your younger and future self as well. It will make your heart beat faster as if somebody has set you on fire. You will realize how much your future self merits, and how hard your younger self has tried.

And simply imagine reading your own letters down the line and feeling glad for yourself. That’s the kind of gift you would want to gift yourself. Make a few promises to yourself this birthday and work on them so your future is exactly like a fairytale. Make your consistently about you. Work on your goals consistently. Gain experience consistently with the goal that your brain develops, in addition to your age.

4. Gratitude Time:

Have you at any point said thanks to your mom for not a great explanation?

Our mothers accomplish such a great deal for us. Right from nurturing us for 9 long months in her belly to making our favorite food instead of her own. It’s like a woman lives for herself however a mother lives just for her child. In any case, alas! We never offer thanks towards our mothers, the God on earth.

On this birthday, I thanked Mother for taking care of me consistently, for going through labor while having me, for keeping me in her belly, for being my mom, and for teaching me a few greatest examples of life.

If you take just a single thing from this blog, take this — EXPRESS THANKS TO YOUR Mom FOR GIVING YOU THIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE.


The entire motivation behind writing this blog is to make you realize that you are important and you have a higher reason on this earth. In this way, don’t treat yourself as if your existence doesn’t count for anything. The Universe wants you to live and experience life in a way that sets the bar high. Make mistakes, make love. Feel special for what your identity is and allowed others to feel special when they are around you. Live life the way you want, not by the guidelines of society. Make your life the best story at any point written. And most importantly don’t count your age by years, count your experiences, count the places you have traveled, count the hearts you have contacted, and remember the good fortune of your life.

And at the end, AGE LIKE FINE WINE.


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