All the Names for Trump

For two minutes, how about we all get as puerile as you-know-who

Donald Trump’s mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, was Scottish. She had a brother and a grandfather named Donald, so it probably appeared to be reasonable to name her child Donald. Plus, “Donald” in Scottish is Domhanll, and that signifies “world ruler.”

To further build Donald’s possibilities swaggering about on red floor coverings, she gave her child a center name, John. “John” is a bastardization of Johanan or Yəhôḥānān, which in Hebrew signifies “God is charitable” or, likewise, “graced by God.”

World Ruler Graced by God. Hmph! “Trumps” each and every name in the world.

However, while The Donald (credit his presently perished first spouse for this name) is graced by a ton of ass-kissers and deplorables, we as a whole realize he won’t ever be graced by God. What’s more, concerning being a world ruler? Hah! So we should call Donald John Trump what he really is:

The Orange Jesus

Rep. Liz Cheney has revealed that on January 6 not long before the uprising, she heard a Conservative House part, while marking records having a problem with the 2020 political race results, murmuring, “The things we accomplish for the Orange Jesus!”

Here are a few other nicknames for the individual I routinely allude to as tRump. These have come from individuals all over America:

Wear the Con

Ghengis Con

Ghengis Can’t

Trainee Bone Prods



Fuckface von Clownstick

Deface a-Lardo

Mrs. Putin

Putin’s Pet

Putin’s Manikin

Swindler Trump

Ruler Sneer


Hair Sham One

Hair Hitler

Mein Chaos

Cheeto Führer

Administrator in Cheddar


Marginally Aware Shower Tan

Old Yeller

Head with no Clothes

Ruler of the Beasts

Warped Donald

Size Vader

Darth taxeVader

Vanity Manatee

Mr. Macho

Brute of Office

Chief Bedlam



Der Groepenfuehrer

Sack of Overlaid Lunchmeat

Dingus Con

Dump Trump

Bubbled Ham in a Hairpiece

Damn Piece of poop Pol (it’s a re-arranged word)

Manager Tweet

Silver Spoon Donald

Prima Donald

The Man of Take



Did I miss one of your top choices?

Medium essayists answer:



: The Apricot Hellbeast, Custard-enhanced Jobby, Leather-confronted Piss Container, Touchy Small Fuckin Bampot, and Stupid Fucking Cocksplat — These are from Scotland, so Larry tells us. How fitting!          


Scott Tarlo

, proprietor of Politically Speaking: Trumplethinskin and Orange Foolius. Scott says these came from essayists on the bar — another motivation to peruse the best bar on Mechanism for tales about political and cultural issues (issues and silliness, evidently).


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