Amazingly useful websites I bet you never heard of!! | Part — 1

I have as of late discovered these extremely useful websites and I figured I ought to impart it here to my medium family.

NOTE : If you have any desire to open any link from this article, simply drift over the link and the hyperlink will be displayed underneath. Click on it.

a. ScribeHow — Transform any cycle into a bit by bit guide without you physically explaining it. Literally, mechanize anything.

Scribe | Visual bit by bit guides (

b. Wappalyzer — Identify technologies on websites and find the innovation stack for any website easily. You can add program extension for this application also.

Find out what websites are built with — Wappalyzer

c. Editthiscookie — You can edit, block, add, search, safeguard and block any cookies according to you requirements.


d. Dim Peruser — If you are a weighty website client, or blogger, or peruser, or very much like reading any stuff online, then, at that point, this application is for you. (I for one like using the dim mode constantly ;))

Dim Peruser

e. Similar Sites — This is one of my favorite websites. This website gives you the similar websites/alternatives you look for. For instance, you look for Netflix, you will get YouTube, Hulu, primevideo, hbomax, justwatch, and so on. — Easily Investigate alternative websites

f. Checkbot — This website checks the Web optimization, security and speed issues on your websites before they are noticed by your visitors. Amazon, Binance, Sketchers, Accenture are a portion of it’s clients.

Checkbot: Search engine optimization, web speed and security checker for Chrome

g. Message Blast — It’s a fantastic method for keeping your messages consistent, works all the over the place you work like Gmail, office 365, Salesforce, Google Docs, and so on. Additionally, if you work with a group, Message Burst can be a focal information base of your best emails, visits and different messages.

Text Blast: Snippets and Layouts for Chrome

Trust you appreciate it… Blissful Reading!!!


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