At The Crossroads Of Life And Death.

Consistently, a great many infants are conceived, guided into the world and guided into various families, legacies and societies. A huge number of spirits set out on the excursion of a lifetime, in a real sense. Each is bound to end up in a good place. Some influence the world as far as we might be concerned and others travel every which way without leaving a hint of their reality. Their impressions washed away and neglected, similar to the grains of sand on the coastline. That is reality.

Yet, to say this thing we call life is a confounding idea would be an understatement. Notwithstanding our various mechanical progressions and steps as a smart race, we actually battle to make sense of the simple thought of being really cognizant; knowing completely that you are alive. It likewise confounds me regarding how slender the line between being alive and dead truly is. This goes to demonstrate how delicate we genuinely are and how something so important and delicate can undoubtedly be lost. It’s not life I’m alluding to; basic things like fellowships, regard or simply keys can be lost inside the sparkle of an eye.

On the subject of fellowships, as children, we grew up with individuals we called our companions. We created recollections together, squabbled about trivial issues and fortified over what we adored. Slowly, we moved away from the ones who characterized our young life to account for the people who might accompany us until the end. You become old together so then no one understands how quick time passes quickly until eventually, you currently have a youngster or two totally dominating you as they call out to out you; Mummy, Daddy. That’s the point at which you perceive how lovely this cycle truly is. The pattern of life.

Quick forward a couple of additional many years and on the off chance that you are not dead yet, congratulations on making it this far. You are most likely in a nursing home or being really focused on by similar messes with you once supported in your own two arms. They say life is a phase and presently your time is practically up. You use whatever might remain of your days either thinking back the recollections of a life masterfully carried out or lamenting the impacts of your activities. At this point, exactly the same things you used to get fixated on never again appear of significance. The clothes you once wore, the cash in your financial balance and the extravagances you crushed your spirit for are only vanity to you.

You experience your last days scrutinizing the authenticity of the life you once lived. Consistently you stand by and watch as those you made bonds with start to disappear. Individually, they fall like the frozen leaves on a tree in a virus winter day and when the residue settles, you are the sole survivor.

You start to count the quantity of dusks you see through your medical clinic window; the quantity of infants you hear through the slender clinic walls. Then you take your last breaths amidst what survives from your nearest loved ones. A virus feeling spreads across your whole body as your heart skirts a beat, then another… then another, until out of nowhere, everything goes quiet. The main thing left is currently you and reverberations of what used to be your inner voice.

“So we are right here, the Crossroads. What’s straightaway?”

“I don’t have the foggiest idea, I surmise we would need to keep a watch out… “

And that was the last time anybody heard from both of them. At the crossroads, what occurs straightaway, it’s a story for another day.


First Name RAHUL
Middle Name 
Last Name TYAGI
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