Best Investments I Am Proud I Made in my 20s; Investments That Made Me Smart

A couple of years back, I read a book that transformed my opinion on cash and riches.

Congratulations, you got it right! I am talking about Rich Father Unfortunate Father by Robert Kiyosaki.

I am a commerce understudy so I didn’t find everything new in this book yet there were a couple of ideas that tested my beliefs around cash and establishing a strong financial foundation.

One of the ideas that is presently a principle of my life is that “don’t burn through cash, invest cash.”

Neither school nor the typical course books at any point showed us how to be affluent, and how to bring in cash. Truth be told, my school showed me why getting some work is the main wellspring of paying your bills. My school didn’t set me up for how to find a decent line of work. School and individuals around me just stuffed me with the feeling of dread toward ‘what will occur if you don’t find a new line of work’


Instead of finding what I really love, I was centered around consider the possibility that I don’t find a new line of work.

I remember, I began school with the expectation of becoming an effective individual and at last giving my folks a luxurious life. However, what did my school do to me? My school made me fail to remember my big dreams and inserted dread in my mind.

In any case, wait! Here comes a twist. During the 2020 lockdown, when the schools were closed down and understudies were sent back home, I tracked down my displaced person in books, and from that point forward, I am not same any longer. My mindset shifted from getting a steady employment to creating steady employments.

Furthermore, the following are a couple of investments that I made in my 20s that really opened my mind and assisted me with achieving more.

Will we start?

1. Books:

This article and my life, both are incomplete without books. Yet, we should see a history first.

As a child, I was poor in my studies, and everybody used to say that ‘you can do nothing’ Subsequent to studying truly hard, I finally began scoring the highest grades in my group (right from high school to school)

Yet, let me let you know a certain something, anything that I have achieved in my life, be it learning to write or learning to procure, none of it involves my course books or higher education. I don’t for even a moment remember the subject names.

In any case, nonfiction books have changed my entire life. An investment of under $5 in Rich father unfortunate father book showed me how abundance is really built.

As a matter of fact, fiction books play had a big impact too in subconsciously training me to write.

I have even purchased a kindle so that books are generally with me, accessible with only a single click. I am speaking from my own experience that books have opened the entryways of opportunities for me. Books have assisted me with seeing the world differently, dream big, figure out myself, bring in cash, and build extraordinary habits.

Consequently, it is my solicitation to you to begin investing in books. Peruse what you like be it fiction or nonfiction, both enjoy their own benefits. Reading books is like learning from the best minds of the world.

2. Skillshare/Masterclass:

With regards to learning something new, we frequently say we don’t have time, right? However if I investigate your life, you appear to possess sufficient energy for scrolling on social media. (Just throwing it out there)

I am not your Mother so I am not going to address you to really focus in and leave your telephone. In any case, I might want to caution you that the world is changing rapidly. AI is replacing pretty much every other work. In such a period, you need to continue to update yourself. Since when you don’t redesign, you become replaceable.

I purchased the subscription to masterclass and SkillShare to gain some new useful knowledge consistently. SkillShare is for learning things quickly. You can learn anything on SkillShare in under 30 minutes. Subsequently, a decent substitute for social media, right?

In any case, if you need to gain from professionals, Masterclass will be your best friend. If you have any desire to get the hang of writing, writers like Dan Brown, and Malcolm Gladwell are waiting to show you on Masterclass.

Thus, not having assets or a decent educator is not a reason any longer. Purchase any one subscription and I promise you would love it.

3. Effie:

I have perused in excess of 200 books throughout recent years. Presently, you should be screaming ‘Amazing!! 200 BOOKS!!

In any case, do you have any idea what’s not so WOW part of reading those 200 books? All things considered, I don’t remember what is being said in even 20 books. No doubt, presently you can say ‘Ohh Sh*t!’

I realize you should get going through similar issues and that’s the reason subsequent to searching for quite a long time, I came across this underestimated device, EFFIE that has totally transformed the manner in which I work.

I needed to involve an across the board device that can store each piece of information in an extremely flawless and clean manner to assist me with staying organized and remember what I read in a manner that is fun and exhilarating.

Furthermore, that’s the point at which I tracked down a savior for me, Effie. Effie is like your best friend who helps you;

Take effective notes

Write down ideas in a beautiful manner

Make Mind-Guides

Separate ideas according to their titles

I use Effie for taking notes and creating mind maps. I generally felt that mind-maps are extreme however with Effie, things are simpler. Here is an example of how I use Effie:

At the point when you use mind maps, you force your brain to think about what you recently read and the way things are integrated into your life. I use mind guides to remember what I read as well as to become my understanding of the subject solid too.

At the point when I am using mind maps for taking notes from books, it assists me with drawing a reasonable picture in mind concerning what I realized, how I will implement it, and which topic is a higher priority than the other (helping you clean up superfluous information)

Thus, I would definitely request that you feel free to involve Effie for mind-mapping or taking notes, or for creating your very own mini library. It’s the main device I use and I love the wonderful way simple it is. (You can download Effie from here)

4. Shortform:

Didn’t I simply let you know I have perused 200 books? Yet, let me let you know another thing, a big part of them were a significant disappointment.

An extraordinary self improvement guide can make you the most grounded individual in any room and you will begin seeing the world according to a different perspective.

Be that as it may, if you read an unfortunate self improvement guide, you will lose your interest in books through and through. Sadly, there are some books that are excessively advertised and ain’t worth your time. Be that as it may, how might you save yourself from these excessively advertised stupid books?

The response is Shortform. Shortform produces super high-quality guides to verifiable books. Shotform guides are like superpowered book summaries — comprehensive inclusion of the multitude of book’s key ideas, obviously and simply explained, in addition to smart commentary and analysis. It’s like your smartest friend teaching you about a book.

Presently at whatever point I need to peruse a book, I simply open Shortform and read the outline. As a matter of fact, the summaries in Shortform are great to such an extent that you might not have to peruse the book. With actionable advances, interactive questions, and the main focal points of the books, this device has become my first love.

The best part is it’s available to download as an application also in the two ios and android so when you want to scroll social media, simply scroll short structure – read the book (without reading the book)

PS: If you purchase from my link, you will get a significant discount and it will help me too.


I trust in the wake of reading this article, you make some wise investments in your life also. These are my own 4 favorite ones yet you can decide what you need to proceed. Remember, information is the main way you can make more resources.

You can likewise let me know if I ought to make whatever other investments that have been rewarding to you.


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