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Cash-Out: What is It?

Cash-Out is a platform for decentralized finance, or DeFi, that makes crypto currency financial products possible.

Cash-Out Wallet and Cash-Out Cards were developed by this founding company.

Our goal is to become frictionless so that the ecosystem’s entire user experience is as simple as possible. One important goal is to create tools that do not require users to leave a platform. We will introduce products to meet all crypto currency market requirements.

We are developing a debit-card-linked fully defiable wallet. What do we intend to accomplish? Allow crypto users from emerging markets to access their major coin and token investments and spend them at their preferred local establishment. Emerging markets are our focus. Why? Existing digital wallet-linked debit cards However, they are only available in wealthy nations, preventing some parts of the world from using them. We are here to end this unfairness and ensure that everyone has equal access. We should all be able to use a debit card to spend our coins or tokens on things we want or need!


The native cryptocurrency for the ecosystem of products and decentralized protocols is the Cash-Out ($OUT) Token.

Essential Use:

Discounts and charges: On the Cash-Out ecosystem of products, such as the OUT Wallet and OUT Card, users can use OUT to pay for transaction fees. Additionally, fees can be discounted with OUT.

Staking and management: On the OUT Network, holders of OUT tokens can make proposals and cast votes for changes to protocols. Within the network, OUT can be bonded to secure the protocol and receive rewards for staking.

Payments and transactions: Users of OUT can pay at more than 60 million merchants worldwide and transfer funds between the Ethereum and Binance blockchains using OUT.


The Cash-Out Token (OUT) serves as the ecosystem’s fuel and native cryptocurrency. The token economy has been designed so that the network is used and the total supply decreases over time.

We are here to ensure that every crypto user worldwide has equal access. As a result, the community greatly benefits from our Tokeonomics:

Tokens will be distributed to the general public through a presale for a total of 200,000,000 $OUT, or 80.40 percent (160,800,000 OUT). In the Presale launching platform, liquidity will be fixed until 2099. The OUT Team allocation is intended to provide the company with funds that it can use to actively operate its product line. Early Birds will receive a significant discount when collaborating with the project. These funds are locked in the DxSale app and released six months after launch. Tokens that are locked-in: The allocation is intended to compensate the project’s founders and advisors for their work on the protocols. These funds are locked in the DxSale app until 10 months after launch. Tokens that are locked-in: Ecosystem Reserves 5.3 percent (10,602,000 OUT) are set up to reward and promote the network and its members from the beginning. This includes development bonuses given to partners and members of the community who contribute to Cash-Out and future decentralized products. Through a variety of channels, partnerships, grants, and investments, ecosystem reserves are provided to continuously expand the platform and its users. These tokens are locked for a year before being released. Tokens that are locked-in:  Airdrop approximately 3% (5,298,000 OUT) — As part of the marketing strategies for OUT, we will be giving away 2.65% to individuals who meet the requirements for our Airdrop.


WALLET OUT: is a multi-asset digital wallet app that will be available in emerging markets on the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Store. It lets users buy, sell, exchange, pay, and do other things with crypto currencies and fiat currencies. After mobile, desktop and web wallets will be developed.

Key Features:

Multi Asset Access to more than 50 crypto currencies, fiat currencies, and stable coins. essentially OUT token and major crypto currencies, stable currencies, and fiat currencies.

With SEPA and Swift wire transfers, you can buy and sell crypto with a linked debit card, credit card, or bank account.

With instant settlement, you can exchange one crypto currency for any other crypto currency.

Card OUT: Control your OUT Visa debit card’s security and other features from within the app.

The OUT Card is a multi-network debit card with high cash back rewards and benefits that enables real-time crypto currency to fiat conversions at the point of sale. More regions will be added to the list of countries where the OUT Card will be accepted. All OUT Cards have access to ATM cash and are dual-interface (NFC/EMV) cards.

The Cash-Out Visa card will be accepted at over 50 million Visa merchants worldwide. It will also be available on Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay Security Features Lock and unlock your card instantly View PIN with security features Online shopping with fraud protection by Visa 3D Secure Card Tracking Real Time Notifications of card transactions View your entire card history and statements 24/7 Report unauthorized or fraudulently charged transactions instantly



Our most fundamental card, the Standard Debit card, does not require OUT staking.


Our next-level Gold card, the Gold Debit Card, will require an OUT stake and provide cardholders with 2% Bitcoin cash back on all purchases with 100%.


The Platinum Debit Card will offer cardholders 4% cash back in Bitcoin on all purchases with 100%, but it will require a greater amount of OUT stake.


Our exclusive Black Debit Card will offer cardholders 8% Bitcoin cash back on all purchases with a 100% cash back rate, despite requiring an even higher OUT stake.

The Community will vote on the amount of OUT staked for each Package after launch.

Crypto Savings Account

Users can use the Cash-Out Savings feature to deposit their stablecoins and cryptocurrencies into accounts on the Cash-Out Wallet platform that pay interest. Cash-Out Savings gives users the option to use flexible accounts without a lock-up period or lock-up accounts with a higher interest rate to get the most out of their cryptocurrencies. Cash-Out cardholders who stake lock-ups will automatically be included in Cash-Out Savings.


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