Free tools that will help you boost your personal productivity

Finding and picking the best tools for your personal productivity framework can appear to be confounding, there is a great many choices with various capabilities.

I thought hard for a long time until I tracked down the tools that work for my business. I planned this manual for save you that time so you can explore through every one of the tools and their particular purposes. You don’t have to find “the divinely selected individual” to satisfy every one of your necessities, most likely you will utilize more than one relying upon your objectives.

You will track down a rundown of the most utilized tools by business visionaries, understudies, content makers, freelancers, and work space representatives.

Applications to catch data

Catching thoughts transforms them into information resources.

Information resources are any sort of data that you might use from here on out. To tackle issues, save time, enlighten an idea or recollect an encounter.

Webcast and Sound

Have you had a go at taking notes while heading to the store?

I was always unable to take sound notes, which has made me treat webcasts as diversion as opposed to an opportunity for growth. I love paying attention to digital recordings, yet it has been baffling the way in which futile they are contrasted with books or articles. On the off chance that I read a decent article, I can without much of a stretch underline it and save it in my notes application.

3 applications that will save your sound notes




They approach all iTunes or Spotify shows, yet they added a choice to comment on. While paying attention to a web recording you can press the explain button, or triple-tap your Bluetooth earphones and the most recent 45 seconds are naturally saved money on these pages.

The best applications to consume digital books

Advanced books are the most agreeable method for obtaining information.

Perusing and taking notes on your Fuel or Apple books is simple and moment. Obviously, perusing on your telephone or iPad doesn’t provide you with that heartfelt sensation of “perusing an actual book” that we as a whole love. In any case, the advantages far offset the absence of that “new book smell” and “the vibe of a book in my grasp.”


Apple books

Coincidentally, on the off chance that you are keen on purchasing a Fuel and you don’t realize which is the most ideal choice for you. You can peruse my Ignite guide here.

Peruse it later applications

Envision this, you are in the restroom taking a gander at Medium and a fascinating post shows up and you need to understand it, yet you know that on the off chance that you open it will take you around 10 minutes to see it and in the end you endure 3 hours sitting on the latrine.

These applications give you the choice to “save” content on the web for later utilization. In these applications you can see the substance on a page to understand it or see it in a cleaner and less complex visual plan.

This are the most famous choices:




Safari Understanding Rundown

Applications to sort out your personal and expert life

Task the board

Compose EVERYTHING on your daily agenda so you remember. Recollect David Allen’s message “the mind was made to have thoughts, not to store them” these applications have wonderful memory.


Apple Notes

Google Undertaking

Apple Updates

Instructions to utilize your assignment application

Arranging your day shouldn’t require over 10 minutes. In any case, doing this can save you 1-2 hours of your day.

Make a “day to day list”: Consistently put 1-3 undertakings. The main ones that help you push ahead.

David Allen recommends that once per day you survey your plan and conclude how you will manage the assignments you recorded on paper.

Project the board

These applications help groups team up, oversee undertakings, and arrive at new levels of productivity with versatile work processes.

For some organizations during the Coronavirus episode these tools were the foundation of their business.




Click up

Like Steroids for your work frameworks

This applications are the foundation that interfaces every one of your tools.

Readwise permits you to have every one of your features and comments from your computerized books naturally connected in the notes application. Zapier and IFFTTT engage your tools via mechanizing your work with more than 5,000 applications accessible so you can move quicker.




Note Taking Applications

Thought might seem like an alluring application in the event that you are keen on plan work processes, modify tables, and arrange processes through pages.

Wander exploration, Obsidian and Logseq. Make new bits of content, a guide of every one of your notes that develops normally, as you keep on developing.

Evernote and One Note in the event that you like to gather data from various sorts of sources. Similar to a computerized library.

My personal Stack




Task ist



Get familiar with the primary capabilities

Do it with the ones that get your attention to begin constructing your personal productivity framework.


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