Google products that have been built for Developers (Part 2)

In my past article, I brought you “17 Google products that have been built for Developers (Part 1)”.

Thus, In this article, I might want to proceed with that article by bringing you part 2 of that. I might want to educate you more information regarding other Google products that have been built for Developers.

I will examine Benefits of every single item above, in this article too.

10. Google Guides Platform

I think the most well known result of Google after YouTube is Google Guides. It makes better encounters and further develops activities with rich, point by point geospatial information, supportive planning instruments, and industry-driving unwavering quality.


Rich geospatial information and worldwide inclusion

Ongoing course enhancement

Further developed client encounters

Intuitive encounters and Worked on trip arranging

Additionally in 2022 Google I/O, President Sundar Pichai discussed Google Guides, with Vivid View, eco-courses, and all the more new elements. These highlights seem to be coming to both Android and iOS not long from now.

11. Google Pay

Google Pay is a computerized wallet platform and online installment framework created by Google to control in-application, on the web, and in-person contactless buys on Android telephones, tablets, or watches.


Make installments simple

Give clients quick, secure access

Highlighted assets

With Google Wallet, your clients can tap to pay wherever Google Pay is acknowledged, shop with dedication cards, get onto a flight, and the sky is the limit from there, all with simply their Android telephone.

12. Google Play

Google Play is its primary platform for Developers with the capacity to distribute quickly to more than 2 billion dynamic Android gadgets, Google Play assists developers with growing a worldwide crowd for their applications and games and procure income. To distribute applications and games to Google Play, developers ought to have a Google Play Engineer account worth US $25 (once enlistment charge).


Highlighted Assets

Capacity to grow a worldwide crowd

Google Play handles monetary exchanges of in-application products or memberships

Adapt easily

Understand articles and industry considerations from the Play group

13. Intelligent Media Advertisements

Intelligent Media Promotions (IMA) is a set-up of SDKs that make it simple to incorporate sight and sound advertisements into your video, sound, sites, applications, or gaming happy with media publicizing.


Extra platforms and gadgets to show Advertisements

There are two methods for carrying out IMA SDKs: Client-side, Unique Promotion Inclusion (DAI)

The most utilized Google item is its Google Web crawler. In the mean time, Google Search Control center is a free web administration presented by Google that assists developers with observing, keep up with, and investigate their site’s presence in Google Query items.


Screen, investigate, and upgrade site with Search Control center

Help to further develop the site’s Website design enhancement

Offers apparatuses and reports

Peruse and investigate Google Search documentation to further develop your site’s Website design enhancement

15. TensorFlow

TensorFlow is a free and open-source programming library for AI and Man-made reasoning that can be utilized across a scope of errands, particularly zeroing in on the preparation and surmising of profound brain organizations. TensorFlow permits developers to fabricate, send, and try without any problem.


Simple model structure

Strong ML creation anyplace

Strong trial and error for research

Assets and local area support

Peruse and investigate more around TensorFlow

16. Web

Google Web is Google’s stubborn reference for building astounding web encounters. Google gives Find instruments that can help developers launch their turn of events. This is the spot you can see all Chrome DevTools, Expansions, Chrome Web Store, and Web on Android.


Quick, coordinated, dependable, and locking in

Make life simpler and work on the advancement of artistry(Chrome DevTools and Web Apparatuses)

Helpful direction, Engineer Pamphlet, and investigation from for web developers

Assets to assist developers with improving their web projects.

Simply go to Google Web and learn more stuff.

17. YouTube

Youtube is one of the most well known products of Google. Just, it is a video-sharing platform and web-based entertainment for makers and developers as all of you know. Likewise sort of a web search tool has more than 2.6 billion dynamic clients, it is the second most visited site, just after Google itself.


Examination and Announcing

Live streaming office

Programming interface code tests and a lot more assets

Many individuals know just about the Primary Youtube platform. Be that as it may, there are 4 different platforms on Youtube as follows.

YouTube Children gives a more contained climate to children to investigate YouTube and makes it simpler for guardians and parental figures to direct their excursion.

YouTube Music is a music administration with true collections, singles, recordings, remixes, live performances, and something else for Android, iOS, and work area. It’s everything here.

YouTube television is a real time TV administration that offers live television, on-request video, and cloud-based DVR from in excess of 85 TV stations.

YouTube VR transforms each video on the platform into your own computer generated simulation experience and rethinks YouTube as a 3D world you can investigate from within.

Along these lines, this is all subtleties I have to enlighten you regarding Google’s 17 products that have been built for Developers.

Investigate and research to find out more…

In this way, there are 17 Google products for Developers that Google recorded on their Products page. You can utilize this connect to learn and investigate more things about Google products for Developers.

And furthermore remember to peruse Part 1 of this article.


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