Habits that Made Me a Better Software Engineer

7+ habits that found me a line of work at Google, a startup, and made me a prime supporter

1.Reading programming books.

Reading books on programming languages, project architecture, best practices, and various advances and speculations helped me learn and work on my abilities.

“For the best profit from your cash, empty your handbag into your head.” ― Benjamin Franklin

2. Watching tutorials

Tutorials assist you with understanding how innovations cooperate to fabricate a full program/application and how to explore new territory.

“I’m always doing that which I cannot do, all together that I may learn how to make it happen.” ― Pablo Picasso

3. Building something consistently

Start by working along with tutorials/classes and stir up to building your own ideas.

Wes Bos’ JavaScript30 course of 30 small tasks in 30 days is a great place to start.

“Tell me and it slips my mind, teach me and I may remember, include me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin

4. Launching my own ventures

There are many details you want to sort out to fabricate your own application.

Sending your own task will assist you with gaining experience to work on your abilities.

I assembled Twos, 7 Levels Profound, Aware, and Müse.

“Easily overlooked details make enormous things happen.” — John Wooden

5. Preparing for interviews

A programming position can be a path to learn and develop as an engineer.

To find a decent line of work, you want to prepare with the fundamental programming ideas and critical thinking abilities.

I recommend reading “cracking the coding interview” and practicing coding tests online at LeetCode.

6. Composing pseudo code before you start coding

It very well may be challenging to thoroughly consider all the different edge cases and issues when you start building.

Take a couple of moments to plan your code before you jump into it.

“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.” — Dale Carnegie.

7. Utilizing better naming shows

Nothing is more terrible than returning to work on a feature or fix a bug and not having the option to understand what you composed.

They say half of the battle is naming your variables and capabilities.

Utilize longer more distinct names and your future self will thank you.

8. Utilizing Twos

With all that you’re learning, you’ll want to have a way to remember everything.

Twos is an app and site to just remember *things*.

I use it for daily tasks, making records, planning out code, defining goals, and significantly more.

These 7+ habits assisted me with finding a new line of work at Qualcomm, a tech startup in San Francisco, my dream work at Google, and tracked down my own company.

I wish you only accomplishment on your software process. I trust these habits assist you with accomplishing your goals.



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