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It should be somewhere around 30 degrees outside however in the focal point of Brno with all the substantial and stone, it seems like 50. Notwithstanding, this isn’t anything for the two dozen software engineers and tech devotees who gathered in Home, a comfortable plan studio with a delightful perspective on the rooftops and church pinnacles of Brno.

They wouldn’t fret the temperature, they couldn’t care less about the view. The main thing consuming their brain is code. They came to acquire new Python abilities and meet new individuals at’s Python weekend.
“They’re modifying a sort of ‘’,” makes sense of Michal, one of the co-coordinators of the occasion and the Head of Mechanization at .

“They are working with an old variant of so they have a genuine task before them,” he adds. The fundamental contrast is that they are not reserving a spot for flights but rather working with train and transport tickets all things considered.
The software engineers came to master new abilities and gain a more profound information on Python. “I’m here to get involved insight with the language. Up until this point I’ve been managing school projects as it were” expresses Libor on his inspiration to go to the Python weekend.

The course of the occasion measures up to his assumptions and there’s a long way to go. Occasionally, there’s a brief show by the engineers to give the essential data to continue onward.
“We lead them and offer bits of information and afterward they progress forward their own.” — Michael
In any case, “all alone” isn’t what’s truly occurring. Everybody is composing their form of the code however they have engineers available to them, prepared to help them on the off chance that they stall out.

On a brief break, two people stand on the porch examining the code they’re dealing with and partaking in the perspective on the Spilberk palace — one of the most mind-blowing you can arrive in Brno.
“I used to read up Python for a semester when I was an understudy and I’m here to master new abilities. I haven’t involved it for quite a while and a few go the things I’m seeing interestingly. Yet, the help is astounding, it’s not difficult to tell that the folks from realize the language pretty well, there was no doubt they couldn’t reply.” — Martin
For and its engineers, this sort of occasion offers an approach to meeting new individuals with a growth outlook and a solid will to learn. It’s likewise an extraordinary method for supporting the IT community.

“I need to help the community. I could be at home, composing open source to help the community, however the Python weekend meets a similar objective for me. I support the community yet I can get a break from utilizing the PC straightforwardly for some time,” uncovers Lukáš, our Computerization Designer
The profoundly engaged countenances of the developers who came to plunge into Python show that this was a wise speculation of his energy.
Need to participate in the following Python weekend? Buy into our bulletin and be quick to be aware of our next occasion.


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