Life will give you chances, but would you take them?

Everyone gets lucky sometimes.

Assuming there is one thing that is sure in life is that it never continues as before. It changes, continually.

Nothing at any point remains something similar. Great days, awful days, unbiased days.

They all change.

The times when it seems like not much is going on, are the times when we structure the propensities that make us what our identity is.

In this way, assuming open doors are evading you, trust you should that they will track down you eventually.

But when they do, and I can guarantee you that they will, would you be prepared to cause the best of it to or would you allow them to pass?

I accept that everyone gets lucky sometimes, so when your day shows up would you take full advantage of it?

Life will give you chances, but would you take them?

Much obliged to you for perusing!

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First Name Aathira
Middle Name 
Last Name Vishnu
Street Hyderabad, Telangana
Occupationprivate  job

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