Live Blog Examples: Great Use Cases for Blogging Inspiration

Live blogs are a key publication format used in newsrooms all over the planet to give constant, continuous inclusion of significant occasions as they occur.

Whether it’s booked occasions, for example, sports matches, races, item dispatches and widespread developments, or eccentric events, for example, extreme climate and calamities, fear assaults and political distress, a live blog’s organized timetable format permits news associations to rapidly break a story, then, at that point, give successive updates after it’s been distributed and partnered.

This go-to form of narrating has seen an uncommon flood in utilization this year as the Covid pandemic arose, and news locales mixed to stay aware of the quickly developing emergency. The upside of utilizing a live blog to cover such a significant story is that it gives a dynamic, concentrated vault where journalists and editors can team up on fast fire refreshes while effortlessly integrating rich sight and sound formats and posts from every one of the virtual entertainment platforms. Perusers likewise prize the format as they probably are aware precisely where to get back to get the most recent updates.

In this post we examine an assortment of live blogging use cases isolated out by the most famous classifications or story types. We’re including examples from our own clients along with other live blog examples from around the web that best represent the capability of the format.

Decisions and Governmental issues

Live Blog is the ideal editorial device for concealing decisions with to-the-minute updates surprisingly.

Perceive how Passauer Neue Presse used our live blogging platform to cover the spring civil political decision in Bavaria;

Driving German news office Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) covered the U.S. official political race essential known as Super Tuesday.

Norwegian web-based news website Nettavisen used it to report City Chamber gatherings in Oslo, consequently supporting peruser commitment while expanding nearby government straightforwardness.

Governmental issues isn’t restricted to races and administrative discussions, be that as it may. Legal disputes and official procedures likewise loan themselves to live blogging. This live blog of requests and sentiments gave by the US High Court shows how an organized timetable of true updates from the seat, mixed with master editorial, can give understanding into a generally dark arm of government.

For additional tips, see this manual for upgrading decisions inclusion, which tells you the best way to use custom post types, picture slideshows and high level elements for graphing and live survey revealing.


Games are especially appropriate to live blogging because of the planned play nature of most well known games, similar to football. Energetic fans frequently will keep a live blog open while watching a game on TV, focusing on the blog over and over in second-screen mode all through an occasion for the most recent replays, measurements and in depth discourse from the two specialists and fans.

For certain examples of how top news organizations as well as little news sources are live blogging games, see:

Tagesspiegel’s Bundesliga football inclusion

dpa’s Wimbeldon live blog and Formula 1 dashing inclusion

Autonomous games blog AthleticsAfrica uses Live Blog to cover African competitors, with an accentuation on olympic style sports, street running and crosscountry.

Genuine fans are energetic for however much information that they can track down in their #1 groups, and players when they’re off the field. Player moves are an illustration of a game other than a game that fits live blogging, like this one show to The Norm in the UK. Live blogs that incorporate custom post types for player moves make it much more straightforward for fans to monitor who is going where, and how groups are taking care of business for the season ahead.

In the mean time, video gaming or esport occasions are turning out to be more well known, as are blogs covering them. For an illustration of how Live Blog was used for a worldwide esports competition, see dpa and Morgenpost’s group inclusion of the 2018 ESLOne occasion in Hamburg.

Climate and Cataclysmic events

At the point when calamities strike, furnishing perusers with the most recent, authorized information is essential, and might in fact be life-saving.

With regards to the Covid pandemic, this contextual analysis frames how German-language media sources like Austria Presse Agentur (APA), Zeit On the web and dpa have been utilizing our live blogging programming to deliver persistent updates to their perusers.

Other use cases from our clients include:

the Nepali Times inclusion of the 2015 Quake in Nepal

how VOST.PT followed Tropical storm Lorenzo as it moved toward the Azores archipelago in 2019

DPA’s inclusion of the June 2019 European intensity wave.

Widespread developments

Grants functions, celebrations, shows and workmanship occasions are prime events to live blog and furnish perusers with a feeling of being in participation. This manual for Live Blogging a Comprehensive development is a decent spot to begin pondering how to separate your inclusion.

Other Live Blog examples remember dpa’s live blog for the 2020 Grammy music grants in Los Angeles, and Eurovision’s inclusion of its 2018 Tune Challenge, one of the biggest television occasions on the planet.

War and Dread Assaults

German news website Zeit Online used Live Blog for broad inclusion of the 2016 fear assault on Brussels and explored different avenues regarding what they call a “slow blog” on the years-long covering the Skirmish of Mosul. We talked with Sybille Klormann, lead supervisor for all live blogging projects, to find out about Zeit Online’s prescribed procedures for this powerful form of continuous inclusion.

The Climate

As environmental change drives different emergencies, investigating the climate has become more dire; numerous news associations are giving fundamentally additional time and assets to the subject.

Ambiental Jalisco, a startup organization of neighborhood news locales in Mexico focused on getting residents engaged with natural issues in urban communities the nation over, is utilizing our live blogging platform to bring their news and informal communities together. Peruse our contextual investigation on Ambiental Jalisco here.


Live blogging is a useful method for following income deliveries and item dispatches as well as the everyday gyrations of worldwide financial exchanges and individual business areas.

DPA used Live Blog to report Apple’s 2019 Featured discussion, featuring the organization’s all’s new item delivers as they were being declared. Ars Technica has additionally live blogged Apple send off occasions.

Somewhere else, CNBC makes another market-related live blog every day, habitually refreshing it and arranging the popular narratives influencing U.S. securities exchanges.

Travel and Way of life

With so many travel and way of life blogs in the computerized world, figuring out how to separate your substance and address a crowd of people is vital. One of our picks for inventiveness joined with validness is W42St, an autonomous way of life magazine that narratives individuals and organizations of New York City’s coarse Damnation’s Kitchen area. When the Covid pandemic hit, they were forced to suspend their print version, and went to Live Blog as an approach to keeping their local area associated.

Abnormal News, Photograph of the Day and Other Unique Stories

At last, the live blog format offers a way for distributers to bundle content and procure income on new items; particularly utilizing repeating, everyday news includes so client news associations can get it by means of partnership and perusers can undoubtedly track down it with content labels.

DPA’s Top Photograph of the Day is a genuine illustration of this. Additionally, their Unusual News and Other Unconventional Stories is at present implanted in around two dozen client sites, including Mitteldeutsche Zeitung and Radio Essen.

Somewhere else, Reuters has a blog called Strangely that gathers and coordinates everyday odd and humourous stories to their clients.


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