Mistakes I made as a new blogger

I’ve always wanted to be a blogger, however I never had the guts to take the first step, and when I finally did I made many mistakes, despite the fact that I’d endured decade working in digital marketing.

The beginning of this excursion
I have honestly; the reason for The Innovation Savvy was to place affiliate links on the articles, yet presently I can’t recollect the last post that had an affiliate link.
Yet, back then I was so eager to be an affiliate marketer. I watched lots of videos on YouTube, literally lots of videos, until I failed to remember that I was working in the digital marketing industry.
I think I did as a great many people do, as I purchased a $350 affiliate marketing course. This wasn’t a mistake; during the course I did learn something new, however here comes the first mistake.

The first mistake
I was as happy as a child with the course; I thought it was my way of earning big dollars, so I followed the first part of the course bit by bit.
The first step was to create a blog and I was ready to make it happen.
Alright, as you may have speculated, the individual who taught the course members marketing, and, obviously, he was going to advance a few items.
I didn’t think about that. I just followed the first part of the course and I wound up signing up for a shared hosting solution for my blog — that was the first mistake.
Obviously, the entire part of creating a WordPress blog for the course was in that hosting solution.

For what reason was that a mistake?
It’s because, if you want to be an affiliate marketer, or you want to be a professional blogger, you are going to contend with different bloggers who have the same goal as you: finding an audience.
A shared hosting solution won’t give you a fast loading time, and Google is all about speed.
I learned that later when I discovered cloud hosting, and for a time my mind was split between shared hosting versus cloud hosting.
I decided to migrate my blog to a cloud hosting company, and I am happy that my blog presently loads in under a moment, which is great.

The subsequent mistake
My subsequent mistake was not having a watchword device all along.
Allow me to explain this part. At the point when I started the blog I was working doing research Ads campaigns, so I had access to the Google Catchphrase Device; it is a great instrument however it’s utilized for ads campaigns.
I did my first ten posts using the Google Catchphrase Device and that was a mistake.

For what reason was that a mistake?
It’s because at that time I didn’t know a lot of about search engine optimization. I figured I did, however the reality hit me hard.
What happens is this. At the point when your domain name is brand new you can rank for watchwords that are not competitive.
For example, if you want to rank for “Social Media Tutorial”, the competition is big, so your domain name requirements to have authority. That means your blog needs to have some backlinks and a portion of your posts ought to already be ranking on the search engines.
In any case, if you write a post with the catchphrase “Social Media Tutorial for Beginners 2022”, that is a long tail watchword and it will be easy to rank.
Generally, a long tail catchphrase doesn’t have a lot of traffic, however it’s the first step towards ranking more competitive watchwords.
With a catchphrase device, doing watchword research will be easier, because an instrument will show you the watchwords your blog can rank for.
Not having a catchphrase device was a mistake because I composed my first ten posts with competitive watchwords, and as a result my blog was not ranking on the search engines.
My recommendation if you are a beginner blogger or a professional blogger is to have a decent watchword device that can assist you with finding the best catchphrases to rank for.

The third mistake
Not looking for the assistance of a proofreader. Indeed, it is important that your post has no spelling mistakes and it has to be elegantly composed.

For what reason was that a mistake?
Google also pays attention to the client experience (UX), and an elegantly composed post without spelling mistakes makes a difference.
Luckily, I tracked down a magnificent proofreader that assists me with my posts and makes me a superior writer.
Try not to underestimate the assistance of a proofreader. An elegantly composed post can make the difference in ranking high on the search results.

The fourth mistake
My fourth mistake was to think that Web optimization was just about writing a post around a decent watchword, and that is not the situation.

For what reason was that a mistake?
To drive traffic to your website or blog you really want to advance your post on social media, Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
Simply writing a post and waiting for it to rank will not help you.
However, that was my case. I waited almost half a year to start an Instagram account for my blog, and to learn how Quora and Reddit can assist with driving traffic to my blog.
Try not to make the same mistake; you have to learn how social media and different sites can assist you with driving traffic to your website or blog.
I am still learning about Reddit marketing and how to answer questions on Quora that will drive traffic to my blog.

The fifth mistake
This was a big mistake, yet it assisted me with learning about Web optimization.
As a new blogger you frequently want traffic straight away, and you are eager to take the necessary steps to get organic traffic.
While I was reading about Website optimization I read about Domain Authority, and how it’s important to rank high on the search engines.
Yet, what I didn’t know was that domain authority was not an official metric of the search engines; it is a metric that Moz created.

What did I do?
I was on Fiverr looking for a Web optimization master, and I read many ads about increasing domain authority.
In case you didn’t be aware, you get more domain authority when you upload content to your blog regularly, when you get backlinks and when you stay with the domain name of your blog for a long time.
However, I didn’t think about that; I wanted more domain authority right away.
I wound up buying the service to increase domain authority, and I should say that at the beginning it worked, as I got more traffic.
However at that point the Google December 2020 Center Update came, and I got punished. All my traffic went down near nothing.
I would never recuperate from that.

What did I get after buying that service?
I got many Google Maps links pointing directly to my domain name, and that cannot be scattered.
After reading a little more about it, I figured out that it was black hat Search engine optimization, and that is the reason I got punished.

The excursion continues
In 2021 I continued to write posts, almost one post each week, however in October I came to the conclusion that I had to accomplish something drastic, and that was to change my domain name.
So basically I am starting from scratch with Website optimization.
You are going to make mistakes as a blogger, yet never give up on your goal.
My goal is to be a professional blogger and if I have to start all over again I will make it happen.
Did you make mistakes on your blogging venture?
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