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5 Podcasts — 5 Different Classifications
I have advanced more from podcasts than from books.
It’s kind of surprising hearing that from a mainly about individual reading and books.
I learn better by listening since I make movies inside my head.
Listening to podcasts is the nearest interaction I can have with individuals I admire and aspire to turn into. Digital recording visitors are specialists in their field, providing heaps of information in a small measure of time. It is like having a passive conversation where you are just listening.
Here are my favorite podcasts of all time —

Digital recording #1: Science and Wellbeing — Huberman Lab
The neuroscientist who tackled all my concerns — Andrew Huberman.
Andrew is a passionate neuroscientist who discusses rest, stress, metabolism, vision, taste and some more. He takes one topic and explains it completely in simple biological terms, making the episode very insightful and amusing to listen to.
I can’t express gratitude toward Dr. Andrew Huberman enough.
Toward the finish of every episode, Andrew advises his listeners to implement tricks and science-based tools for better wellbeing and an increase in productivity.
That’s what I believe if you comprehend the mechanism, you are in much a superior spot to settle on informed choices.

Web recording #2: Everything — Joe Rogan Experience
My favorite web recording of all time.
Joe is ostensibly the best conversationalist of our time. He is passionate about the most bizarre topics: conspiracies, aliens, psychedelics, ancient societies, bow hunting, wild life and much more. He generally invites the most incredible visitors with different foundations and privileged insights to share.
Joe Rogan has molded my identity.
He is exceptionally receptive with an extraordinary comical inclination. His podcasts are rarely boring.

Web recording #3: Science, Innovation, AI, Love and Life — Lex Fridman
It’s difficult to describe Lex’s web recording in single word.
Lex is the most charming, wonderful person we as a whole need in our life. He is a particularly shrewd person with an extremely modest standpoint towards himself. He is a Russian government operative who generally wears a suit and plays the antagonist in his podcasts.
I genuinely love him.
He begins his episodes with difficult and weighty questions connected with the topics his visitors are specialists in. Then, at that point, he poses inquiries that the audience needs to hear. Towards the end, Lex asks the visitor advice for the youthful generation, and what occurs in the afterlife.
If you are into science, ai, innovation, history, and philosophy. You will adore this web recording.

Web recording #4: Longevity — Lifespan
David Sinclair gave me the key to immortality.
It has been 7 months since I began implementing all his advice and tools in my life. I’m almost certain now that I will live longer and have a more productive, energetic and happier life.
David Sinclair is an Australian biologist and professor at Harvard University.
He discusses the science behind why we age and interventions for slowing and in any event, reversing aging. David contends that exercising, eating healthier, and taking on intermediate fasting can make you live longer.
David Sinclair assists humanity with living longer. Much obliged to you.

Web recording #5: Brain research, Religion and Ideology — Jordan B. Peterson
One of the most controversial individuals right now.
Like numerous others, I looked into Jordan Peterson on Youtube, giving discussions at his talks. Later on, he went to shows, for example, H3H3 and JRE. Just thereafter I read his book “12 Standards Forever”.
Jordan Peterson is the mentor I wanted.
He woke me up to all my concerns. He demonstrated to me that I was lying to myself and I wasn’t pursuing what is meaningful. In his podcasts, he dives exceptionally profound into conversations about religion, ideology, symbolism and brain science.
Like his books, I can’t prescribe sufficient listening to his episodes and talks.
I highly suggest having passive conversations with individuals like Joe and Lex, you will advance to such an extent. Listen to podcasts!
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Gratitude for reading 🙂


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