My new way to get things done: Bujo

Throughout the previous 10 years I attempted a Great deal of answers for make things done and to sort out my viewpoints/undertakings. I made records on paper, yet they are painfull to sort out, you can free them and so forth…
Then I attempted web-based tools for todo records like Recall the Milk, Wonderlist, Google Keep and, surprisingly, a few custom tools I code for my Vim Arrangement. Yet, I want more than todo-records. These tools are to explicit, too thin for me.
I additionally attempted more complicated tools like Trello, Asana and so on… Be that as it may, once more, it was not exactly precise. These tools accompanies a construction and I could do without it. I want an adaptable tool and a disconnected tool is in some cases essential.
For quite a long time, I looked for a tool ready to be as simple to use as paper yet in addition coordinated as an Asana load up.
What’s more, at some point, with a Youtube video I found the BulletJournal idea

Slug reporting (you can likewise call it #bujo) is a simple idea. A hybridation between a plan and a todo list. Furthermore, it’s an actual framework: a journal.
The idea is that simple you can have a deep understanding of it in a 4 minutes video:
The standard of shot diary is simple:
You want a journal, each sort of note pad can works. You don’t required need the authority projectile diary, you can purchase a $2 note pad at Wallgreens and begin with it (even an old scratch pad with stuff in it works)
Begin your projectile diary with a record, to report the page quantities of your particular pages
Make a “Future Log” to put the dates of the occasion made arrangements for the following months
Make a month to month spread with then schedule of the ongoing month on one page and the undertakings during the current month of the confronting page
Then, on the “customary” page you record your everyday assignments
In the event that you want to make a custom rundown/assortments/meeting notes, simply start on a new page, report the page number in the list and that is all there is to it.
Obviously, you can accomplish more. You can add as numerous custom way of behaving to you bujo as you need.
Certain individuals add trackers to watch out for their everyday practice, certain individuals utilize week by week spreads. Anything is possible, you simply go to the bujo’s reddit page to comprehend how customizable it is.
Be that as it may, begin with the straightforward standards and you’ll perceive how powerfull it is.

Why it rocks
I involved it for a very long time at this point and I love it!

A combination between Plan and Todo Rundown
It’s permit me to monitor the assignment I want to do and furthermore when I want to make it happen. The customary todo records application don’t actually take in thought the “when” so you aggregate errands, without truly knowing which one you ought to focus on or make first.

It’s on paper, and I love it. I recall way more the things I put in writing than the stuff I composed on an application.

With your bujo you can coordinate your rundowns the way you need. Simply examine Reddit and you’ll track down tons of choices arrangement, week by week spreads, propensity trackers, task the executives design…
You can in a real sense develop your own framework, you don’t need to twist your requirements to squeeze into the creator considerations. I use it as a plan and as a todo-list. Yet, I likewise put down the entirety of my notes into it, as well as my rundown of things (the books I ought to peruse, a rundown of the organizations I reached for a work and so on… )
Furthermore, everything is really coordinated, simply examine the File and you know where to find what you’re searching for!

Simple to attempt
Try not to be fool by the webs, you want nothing extravagant to attempt it! Simply get an old journal and a pen. Track down a new page and go on!
Also, you, what are your way to getting sh*t done?


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