My Plans for the Next 100 Days

2023 Plans for Recurring, automated revenue
Over the most recent few months, I was occupied with playing chess competitions and other exercises. Be that as it may, I missed medium a great deal. In any case, I get 2-3 warnings on everyday schedule.
I attempted to post conventional articles however I comprehended that that is certainly not an extraordinary method for building a genuine crowd. Rather posting 2-3 articles in a month connected with my own encounters works.
A considerable lot of you remarked and sent me a confidential note with respect to recurring, automated revenue reports which I haven’t posted over the most recent 3 months. I will begin posting in the future next week!
I was in the middle of playing chess competitions. I played the accompanying competitions
10 June — 17 June — Prague Global Chess Celebration
18 June — 26 June — Teplice Open Chess Competition
28 June — sixth July — Serbia Open Chess Competition
11 July — 18 July — Piestany Open Chess Competition
22 July — 31 July — Pardubice Open Chess Competition otherwise called Czech Open
In these competitions, I quit everything because of my bustling timetable. I haven’t shown any understudies, haven’t composed any articles, and so on. I returned on second August after my 55-day long outing to Europe.
Presently I’m wanting to play the next competitions from Dec first week.
The central thing I learned is to give atleast 1-90 minutes to the site if I have any desire to do it for some years.

My plans for 2023 — Next 100 Days (Approx)
All out Time I have
I’m wanting to spend atleast 3 hours out of every day my ally hustle from today itself until I will play competitions. In December month, when I’m playing competitions, I can labor for 1-90 minutes of the day approx.
Following are the quantity of hours I can invest my energy.
September — 25-30 hours
Octomber — 80-90 hours
November — 70-80 hours
December — 30-40 hours
Altogether, I have 200-220 hours for building an automated revenue.
Zeroing in on one site
Fortunately in June 2022, I took full privileges for one site. Before that, it was in association with him. We have previously distributed 100+ articles with numerous language structure mix-ups and zero Web optimization.
In an august month, I invested some energy revamping a couple of articles and altering practically all articles. I intend to develop that site to get an underlying $100 each month by year-end.
In the next 90 days, I’m wanting to distribute 35-40 articles there.

Youtube Channel and Brief Video
I have proactively posted 10-12 great recordings over the most recent couple of months. Presently I’m treating youtube in a serious way to construct a second kind of revenue. Ordinarily, to create chess recordings, you require no altering abilities. Simply record the video and distribute it by doing essential Web optimization.
In no less than 2 hours, I ordinarily record 5-6 recordings.
I intend to distribute atleast 1 long and 1 brief video each week. At this moment I have 146 subs on my YT channel.
In the next 90 days, I need to make 30-40 long recordings and 40-50 shorts which won’t guarantee that I will ever be out of happy.
The best part is I don’t make recordings on a moving point. I make evergreen recordings on chess openings (Which not many of you could be aware)

Posting on Medium
Wanting to post my recurring, automated revenue excursion and reports for my site. I don’t know how as often as possible I will post yet generally 2-3 articles each month.
I don’t post on this kind of article to acquire supporters. Typically, these articles assist me with getting spurred when I read myself.
BTW Thank you to every individual who preferred my automated revenue reports and following my excursion!

I don’t know what to give in the week by week bulletin yet I need to begin. At this moment I have 200-250 messages and 450 endorsers of my LinkedIn pamphlet. Not many of them are top GMs.
Kindly give me ideas on the best way to begin a bulletin and what content I can give in the pamphlet.
These are a couple of plans to accomplish in the next 100 days. What are your plans?


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