Myths About Reading I Wish I Had Known Before…

Reading is an extraordinary habit to have in your lifestyle, it helps you have a positive outlook on yourself, keeps you informed, and it is likewise one of the most mind-blowing ways of learning new things. Yet, there are a great deal of myths about reading that even avid perusers don’t know about and trust me I once believed in these myths and succumbed to them as most perusers do.

In any case, as I advanced in my reading process throughout the long term I’ve discovered the underlying reality behind these misconceptions. A portion of these myths can be disastrous if you are simply starting your reading process. I wish I had discovered them sooner however I’m happy I did.

So I’m here to expose these myths for you that took me years to expose.

Fantasy 1: It is Sufficient to Peruse Once

A many individuals who read nonfiction or self improvement guides are convinced, possibly by mistake, that reading a book once is sufficient. Reading a book once and not reading it again is not a way you read a decent nonfiction book.

Nonfiction is stacked with illustrations and ways of improving our lives for sure and it is impractical to get a handle on every last bit of it with a single read. If you are reading to entertain yourself then, at that point, it’s a different thing however if you are reading to have a significant impact on your perspective, learn new things or take care of issues then you should peruse the book at least a time or two to get a handle on its actual quintessence.

I have gained different examples from the very book at different periods of my life that aided in more than one manner and every last bit of it could not have possibly been possible if it weren’t for rereading books.

At the point when you read a book interestingly at a certain period of your life you’ll get familiar with the illustrations that you were prepared for and those examples will grab your eye. Presently when you rehash the book at a different stage, you will undoubtedly discover new examples, new perspectives, and novel ideas.

Since now your capacity as an individual has changed. You are not a similar individual you were before. Presently you are prepared for a few new illustrations that the universe believes you should learn and it is different for everybody.

Legend 2: Everything That is Written In a Nonfiction Book Is Valid

It is equivalent to believing that the tooth fairy is genuine. Nonfiction books are a compilation of insights, opinions, ideas, perspectives, studies, and solutions that are written with the intention to improve your life.

In any case, by the day’s end, these are simply perspectives/insights/opinions shared by the creators through their own experiences and you can disagree with them.

Two individuals can have totally different perspectives about exactly the same thing, and that is totally fine. You don’t need to concur with anything and everything that the book brings to the table. However, don’t disagree for disagreeing. If you have a few valid points that you think the creator hasn’t considered in the contention it’s totally beneficial to have your own point of view.

Legend 3: Reading is the Most ideal Way To Learn

Reading is ONE of the most outstanding ways of learning, it is by all accounts not the only method for learning new things. There are a ton of ways you can consume high-quality substance to build your insight and improve each part of your life.

The Internet is overwhelmed with a wide range of assets that will assist you with learning new things through any medium you need, it can be through online courses, Youtube videos, blog entries, web recordings, and a wide range of premium substance separated from books.

Everybody learns and sees differently, somebody might retain considerably more through watching educational Youtube videos than reading books. Everybody’s different and we can’t place everybody in a similar box.

It is alright if you can’t understand books. It is not the sole differentiator among progress and failure. Your energy to learn new things and apply them has the effect. It doesn’t exactly make any difference if it comes from a webcast or a Youtube video.

Fantasy 4: Fiction Is an Exercise in futility

Do you have any idea what is our superpower as a species? No, it’s not our ability to ruin everything.

On a serious note, it is our ability to imagine things that are not genuine. Every one of the imaginary stories and our belief in them is a string that has assisted us with cooperating with one another and build societies that no different species has had the option to build(at least not on the planet).

The point is fiction is a significant piece of our way of life and has assisted in additional ways than we with canning imagine.

How about we return to fictional stories we read in books, how would they help us? Indeed, first of all it’s an incredible method for escaping into the imaginary world, and reading great fiction loosens up you following an extreme day at work. At the point when you imagine the scenes described in the book your brain exercises its creative muscle which can take care of you in a wide range of ways.

At the point when you put yourself in the shoes of different characters in the book you get to feel what they are feeling and it helps you in being more empathetic. You’ll have the option to see things and feel emotions felt by the other individual, in actuality, also. These are sufficient explanations behind reading fiction and not the slightest bit it is an exercise in futility.

Fantasy 5: It Is Sufficient to Understand Books

I saved the best for the last, a great deal of perusers are sure, hopefully not by mistake, that main reading books are sufficient.

“Information is power: You hear it constantly however information is not power. It’s just potential power. It possibly becomes power when we apply it and use it.

Someone who peruses a book and doesn’t make a difference it, they’re at no benefit over somebody who’s illiterate.

None of it works except if YOU work. We need to do our part. If knowing is around 50% of the fight, action is the last part of the fight.” ― Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik could never have been more precise with his words, You can completely change yourself by doing not by thinking about doing. Reading nonfiction books is an exercise in futility if it isn’t supported by self-reflection and the right action.

It doesn’t make any difference the number of books that you’ve finished in a year, month or week. Keeping a count of the quantity of books is a vanity metric that a ton of perusers succumb to. The main metric that matters and that has an effect is measuring your way of living. Check whether your life has moved from Point A to Point B in an incremental manner or not. That is the main metric that is important.

That can happen when you apply the things you’ve gained from those books.

Much obliged to you for reading till the end and giving your attention to this article.


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