Optimized 920 Straddle strategy to get more than 80% return annually.

You could have heard the well known 920 Straddle strategy utilized by numerous brokers to procure reliable return year on year. In this strategy, we sell ATM call and put consistently at 9:20 AM with a proper stop misfortune (by and large 25% or 30%) on both the legs. In any case, this strategy stopped working after the 2020 accident as the market has become more unpredictable and stop loss of both the legs are hit more often than not because of V, N or W shape recuperations.
I optimized this 920 Straddle strategy to fit in each economic situation. The rationale behind this enhancement are as per the following:
On Mondays, the market is for the most part moving. We need to exploit this moving day. In this way, putting a more modest stop misfortune will give you full benefit of pattern. One leg will cutoff ahead of schedule while the other leg will continue to include your benefit. The ideal season of section and stop misfortune which I got are 9:30 AM and 15% separately.
Rest of the days are range bound or slight moving. We need to catch the theta rot on rest of the days. To get theta rot and to stay away from V, N or W shape recuperations, I had a go at putting bigger stop misfortunes. Subsequent to attempting many stop misfortunes, the ideal number I got is 70%. Likewise, the ideal section time is 9:18 AM. This passage time will give us bigger charges as the market is exceptionally unpredictable in beginning stage.
The leave time is 3:15 PM for both the circumstances.
We will presently see the backtested results for this strategy. For back-testing, I have utilized Stockmock stage and Bank Clever instrument. The principal picture is about measurements of the backtesting throughout the previous five years. The typical capital prerequisite for this strategy is 1.7 lakhs.
As you can see that the general benefit is 745386 Rs which is 438% of the capital. The benefit isn’t re-put resources into this backtesting. If not, the return would have been a lot higher. The success rate is 69% which is very great. The maximum drawdown is 23000 Rs roughly which happened exclusively during 2020 accident. In any case, it is around 10% of the capital. This will get you around 12800/ – each month.
The value bend is generally up-moving regardless of market slumping or up-moving.
Just 7 months were in misfortune and that too not large.
I trust this exploration will help you in acquiring predictable month to month return on your capital. These returns are substantially more than whatever you get on Common Assets or some other speculations instruments.
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