Passive Income Report — February 2023

In February month I’m ready to make $51. This is right around 1/3 contrasted with what I procured in January 2023. Yet, I’m content with what I have accomplished for this present month. How about we start individually.

Passive Income Report February 2023
1-Times Prime — Times prime participation is a yearly enrollment for Indian occupants wherein you get bunches of advantages. The cost of this participation is around $15 and they give a $4 commission for every deal. This month I got 7 deals which represented approx $28. Participation — I began to advance this associate program on my site 3 months prior. Shockingly I got a few deals which I haven’t anticipated. In February I have procured $10.28 from

3-Amazon Offshoot — February was the greatest month for me in light of the fact that my amazon subsidiary record got supported. I utilized the amazon program on my site to advance chess books which typically cost $25-35. From this, I created $6.31.

4-Skillshare — I haven’t produced a solitary penny from skillshare in light of the fact that they changed rules. Presently you really want least 75 min of watch time to be qualified to get installments.

5-Amazon Voucher — I recovered my Visa focuses and got an Amazon voucher worth $6.65 (500 INR). I will likely utilize this cash to purchase 2 books.

Walk Plans
I’m wanting to compose 10-15 articles on my blog Likewise, I will attempt to distribute a couple of articles on medium (More income reports and site reports)
About my passive income, my objective is to finished the $100 each month point before July 2023 and $500 each month prior to 2023.
Additionally, In walk, I’m sending off my participation site connected with chess. Ideally, it will assist me with creating a more passive and stable income.


First Name Fatima
Middle Name 
Last Name Qureshi
Street Shahdara delhi

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