Things You Can Write About as a New Writer

Try not to pass up “what not to write.”

I’ve gotten a ton of messages on my LinkedIn asking, “What would it be a good idea for me to write as a new writer”?

Thus, I thought, why not write a post about it rather than answering to each dm.

You’re not alone. We as a whole start from scratch. I’ve been there as well.

Nonetheless, as a new writer, I realize there is a constant question mark to you regarding what points to write about on social media.

As you lack insight and information about the substance composing world, it becomes challenging to concocted instant substance ideas from day one.

And, I understand that.

Thusly, the following are six things you can talk about as a new writer on all your socials, for example Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Youtube and more.

Life Illustrations Learnt

The most effective way to start your composing process on social media is by talking about the (upside and bad) examples and encounters you’ve learnt in the past couple of years of your life.

You can talk about an example your parents/companions/stranger/a situation taught you.

I shared my involvement with a 9-5 work. It was really personal and taught me a damnation parcel of things.

Share your personal stories and past successes/misfortunes (in school, workplace or personal life)

Feel free to share your personal stories and wins/misfortunes. Talk about that one second that made you realize life is so beautiful or the one misfortune that changed you personally, or the success that changed as long as you can remember.

For my purposes, composing on the web changed my life massively. I always felt that I was incapable of achieving enormous things throughout everyday life. Be that as it may, composing changed my whole viewpoint on life.

I have such a great amount to write about regarding my composing process up until this point. However, how about we save it for another day :p

Efficiency rules and tips

Each individual today has inconvenience being useful and active during daily activities. Everyone is searching for motivation and inspiration to wake up from bed and start their day.

And learn to expect the unexpected.

This is where efficiency recordings, tips and rules become an integral factor.

Again, never share any efficiency tip without attempting it for yourself. A hack that works for somebody probably won’t work for you.

Personal advancement tips and stories.

Prior to starting as a writer, I had functioned as a full-time social media marketer. It has assisted me with shaping myself and my abilities in various ways.

Today, I talk about all of those abilities while expounding on different points.

As a newbie, you can do this as well.

Talk about your personal turn of events and how you changed yourself into a “superior” individual.

Share your creative cycle as you continue learning a genuinely new thing.

Allow me to tell the truth; the learning system never stops for a human.

As individuals, we continue learning something new each and every day.

Thus, you’ll learn new ideas and ways to write daily as a writer. Go on the web and share these with the world.

Do I have a “Not-to-write” list as well?

Damnation Yeah!

The following are a couple of things that you shouldn’t write about as a new writer

Try not to talk about something you haven’t mastered or have any information about

Try not to write fake (development and achievement) stories and bonehead your audience

Lastly, don’t write for the measurements and algorithm

There, I genuinely want to believe that you have a clear idea about what to and not to write about on the web

The greatest advantage of composing on social media is — — you can pick your subject, story and technique for passing your idea on to your readers.

Thus, please make its the vast majority.

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