Thoughts as I turn 32

I recorded 31 thoughts as I turn 31 last year and it gave me an immense measure of clarity on what is important and what is not.

Following it up with the thoughts occupying my mind as I turn 32 and what I am looking forward to from the following year.

Slow development is wonderful. Slow development is exponential

Slowing down fast short-burst development is a demonstration of immense patience that drives you to the pot of greatness

The happiness (and confidence) you gain from being consistent is infinitely better than the happiness of quick wins

Nothing worth achieving was at any point achieved without putting in no less than 3 years

It’s scarcely ever worth giving up. Possibly give up if the objective doesn’t satisfy you any longer and never in light of the fact that you don’t see a way to your objectives

Regardless of what it is you believe that should do in life, it’s not past the point of no return

Learning new things is more earnestly now yet it is easier to utilize your experience

Acknowledge that happiness is fleeting and absence of it is the standard

Chase just experiences, invest heavily in them

Shut your eyes sometimes to visualize where you need to be

The time you enjoy with yourself is both therapeutic and enlightening

Most decisions don’t make any difference a couple of months after the fact. Center around the ones that do

Taking continuous breaks is the most ideal way to put forth a valiant effort at work

Being occupied isn’t equivalent to being productive. Center around impact over volume

Life is excessively short to please everybody

The key to being regarded is simple: “Get out whatever you’ll endlessly do what you said”

On insights: the vast majority stop a little short of striking gold. Save your energy for the last leg

Ideation is easy. Execution is hard. Delegating effective execution is the trick of the trade

The key to alignment is repetition of fundamental beliefs and a vision of progress

Show your mind what is important by writing it down.

A decent story is insurmountable

The key to a high-performing group is the harmony among contrarians and conformists

Find opportunity to discover some new information at work consistently. Converse with individuals who don’t talk frequently. That is where insights are

Outrage is a vice that will diminish all your different virtues

Continuously think about what drives you mad, disappointed, irritated and miserable

Most follows up on consumption can be made into demonstrations of creation. Try not to simply peruse an article or a book, or watch a video or a movie. Write an outline of what it showed you and offer it with the world

Regardless of how ordinary you think your insights are, they are useful to somebody sometime in the not so distant future. Consider it your obligation to impart it to the world

Try not to invest energy with individuals who don’t cause you to feel positive

Try not to make your work your life. Pick somewhere around two of wellbeing, learning, relationships, and new experiences as higher priorities than work

Permit yourself to be surprised and excited

Try not to go after perfection yet don’t agree to mediocrity

Continuously push individuals up even in criticism, make your words/actions believe they should try to achieve the impossible. Inspire individuals to significance

I began this article with a clear page thinking I wouldn’t have anything new to say however the second you begin writing things down you realize you have such a great amount to say.

Your mind will trick you into thinking it is tired and has nothing worth sharing with the world. Have zero faith in it. There’s continuously something extraordinary under your hood.


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