Want to become a better Developer? This is my plan to achieve it

Right now, I’m finishing my Software engineering Certification at the University of Cadiz. During my third year, I lived a half year in Rome thanks to an Erasmus scholarship. Therefore, presently I just have a pair of subjects to finish my Certificate and since February I have had a great deal of spare energy.
For that, I chose when I came back from Rome that I wanted to start searching for a task as a developer. It’s a great time for tech profiles and I could have a pair of meetings really soon.
In any case, when I didn’t pass any of the meetings effectively and I realized something terrible: school hadn’t really prepared me to function as a developer. During the meetings, the recruiters mentioned me a ton of things that I didn’t have any idea (whether you want to understand what I’ve learned at university really take a look at this article) and they obliterate my code in tech interviews.
With this experience as a basis, I chose to plan a plan to work on my profile as a developer and become so great that they couldn’t overlook me. I stuck to the script (in fact I’m following it nowadays) and today I’m functioning as a Backend Developer in a company.
If you also want to find a new line of work, let me share with you my plan.

How I will work on my profile as a developer?
In fact, my concern was that I had too little involvement with the Advancement field. I just knew the things that the university chose to teach me and I just fostered a pair of undertakings external to my class schoolwork.
In addition to the little I had some awareness of determined fields, there are a ton of important areas of improvement that I realized nothing as testing, architecture, quality assurance, and so forth.
I was certain that I planned to work a ton all alone as a developer to be up for a task in the sector. Thinking a little bit I realized that my plan would require two basic pillars:
There were a ton of innovations, great practices, ways to streamline my code, and a ton of aspects related to improvement. I had to learn a great deal of hypothesis, understand clearly the ideas and then, at that point, set these ideas up as a regular occurrence for internalizing them.
Finally, I found the two legs that would uphold my plan: the #100DaysOfCode for the practice and teaching to become a hypothesis master.

The #100DaysOfCode Challenge
The initial segment of my plan requires practice, a ton of practice. After all, programming is an expertise, and the more you practice the correct way, the better you will be. To guarantee daily practice I chose to start doing a challenge that I tracked down in a medium article: the #100DaysOfCode.
It is a straightforward coding challenge that challenges us to code consistently for at least 1 hour and shares our advancement on Twitter utilizing a predetermined hashtag. So I planned a list of assets, coding challenge platforms, and ventures that I wanted to create and I started with this challenge utilizing deliberate practice.
To find out about this challenge I can educate you in this article:

Teach to learn faster
By the by, I realize that practice was not all. On the off chance that you practice without any list or on the other hand on the off chance that you don’t understand accurately the ideas of the task you’re creating or you have close to zero insight into the language you’re utilizing, you will be slow and little powerful in your learning path. And I don’t want it, I wanted to learn and to work on as much as I can with the less time conceivable.
For that, I concluded that I want to start with a learning cycle in parallel to the practice to dominate all the new ideas that I’ve learned.
So I thought: “Which will be the best learning technique that allows me to learn fast and in a strong way?” And researching a bit on the Web I observed that it was… Teaching.
Thus, I started another Youtube channel to create tech content in Spanish, and I started to write articles on Medium. Presently I have the goal to write one article each day, and I write the article about the idea that I’m learning at this time.
This allows me to dominate ideas fast and do the most common way of learning hypothesis something fun and intriguing.

Final Considerations
With my most memorable meetings, I learned that university doesn’t prepare us for being great developers (at least at my university). Consequently, when I finished my course I planned a plan to work on my profile as a developer throughout the late spring.
The plan has two basic legs: practicing a ton utilizing the #100DaysOfCode challenge, and mastering the hypothesis ideas that I really want thanks to teaching to other people. It requires a bit of my spare energy on my days however following it I was able to land my ongoing position as a Backend Developer. Thus, I know from my own experience that it’s a really amazing asset on the off chance that you’re thinking on become a better developer.
How can you attempt to become a better developer? Which extra pillars or steps will you add to my plan?

Thank you! Thank you such a great amount for reading the article. I’d very much want to know your viewpoint about it, so don’t buddy write it in the remarks, I’ll read you.
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