What causes the rich to become richer and the poor to become poorer?

Due to against pioneering and the state of affairs “adages” like this one.
And, on account of “enlightening stories” that should cause you to acknowledge things simply how they are. Here’s one of them. You’ve most likely heard or perused it some place, or a portion of its numerous varieties. What this multitude of adaptations of a similar story share practically speaking is the message:
Try not to want for a change! Try not to attempt to get to the next level! It’s futile! It’s vain!
Thus, here’s it goes.
A rich and fruitful man is searching for a decent fishing spot. Quick version, after some time, his sumptuous yacht coincidentally finds some lovely little island. The hunt is finished and a pleased yacht proprietor plans to appreciate and unwind by fishing. Then, he figures out there’s an elderly person sitting and fishing as of now. He chooses to go along with him, and you know how it goes. Casual discussion about various stuff.
The rich man hears the elderly person’s biography about not finding success. Fishing has become one, on the off chance that not by any means the only method for accommodating himself.
Sincerely and with fair goals, the rich man shares several business thoughts regarding how the elderly person can head out a piece further to a greater fish market, get more cash, recruit other individuals, put resources into a little fishing boat, and so forth. The elderly person is doubtful, yet a patient audience.
He just has one inquiry for the rich man.
“Much obliged to you for valuable suggestions. I might want to be aware, what’s the point?”
“What do you mean, what’s the point?”
“At the end of the day, what’s the purpose in going through every one of the difficulties, contributing my significant investment?”
“All things considered, I didn’t say it will be simple, yet everything will work out just fine’s. You would need to buckle down, so one day you can stand to sit, unwind, and appreciate fishing, very much like me.”
“However, I’m now doing that. I’ve been doing it for the greater part of my life. All in all, what’s the point?”
The “moral” of this story is that the rich man understands and acknowledges that the elderly person has been correct this time. The rich man really buckled down and forfeited a great deal just to wind up at a similar spot next to each other with the poor, yet the smarter elderly person.
You should feel better in the wake of hearing a story like this one. There’s no real reason for battling, working, and wanting for a superior life since you’d ultimately wind up wanting for exactly the same things as rich and fruitful individuals.
I’ve heard individuals saying, goodness we can’t be all rich, someone must be poor. It’s the status quo and have forever been.
We are allowed to regard these expressions and stories as “everlasting realities” or “awful reasons” for not trying and surrendering. We are allowed to conclude how much is sufficient to cause us to feel rich and fruitful.
There are individuals who might never have enough, very much like there are individuals who are completely content with what they have at the given second. The most straightforward comment is: it’s a figment of your imagination.
The main issue is that sure maxims and stories impact the cycles in our minds. Thus, certain individuals act or don’t act by any stretch of the imagination.
In case it wasn’t already obvious, fishing simply ain’t my thing, however me not being rich doesn’t have anything to do with it.


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