What happens if you eat too much onion?

Onion is the most established vegetable on the planet, and its healthy benefit is extremely high, known as the “Sovereign of Vegetables”.

Onions contain supplements that the body needs, yet onions additionally have numerous restorative properties, including cell reinforcement, anticancer, calming, antibacterial, against infection, etc.

It ought to be referenced that onions contain some fructans, which most vegetables don’t.

Fructan is a starch with medical care capabilities, which can lessen the development of growth related substances and goodly affects forestalling disease and other persistent infections.

Fructan is likewise a supplement for good microbes in the stomach, which can build the quantity of good microscopic organisms.

Be that as it may, There Might Be A few Incidental effects subsequent to eating too much onion.

There are no chemicals in the stomach that can disintegrate fructans, so fructans can’t be processed and consumed by body.

A lot of fructans gather in the stomach and may cause stomach issues, for example, bulging, stomach torment, gas, and squeezing.

Thusly, you can’t eat too numerous onions, and eating 50 grams to 80 grams a day is prudent.


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