What I learned from Coding 10+ Hours a day

10+ Hours a day could appear to be a feign to the greater part of you yet I was really getting it done.
I used to wake up at 4 AM and then, at that point, I works off at 10. This was the point at which I was working 3 (designer) occupations at the same time.
All of this started from wanting to make huge amount of cash fast. I had joined a startup where I figured I could make a respectable amount of pocket cash (Heads up I didn’t make no poop). The startup work wasn’t sufficient to pay the bills so I took up a freelance venture to help myself. Frankly, the main cash I was making was from the freelance undertaking. It was the hour of vacation so I didn’t have school. Then I saw this cool part time (engineer) work post where I just had to work 4 hours a day and they’d give me Rs. 15,000 for a month. I applied for itself and was chosen. Presently, starts the tale of inordinate coding.

The Timetable
Got up in the first part of the day at 4 am and started coding (usually around 5 am) and then I’d code for ~3 to 4 hours for the part time work. I’ll tell you, the part time work was terrible. They had a tracking software which used to track all of my developments, capture screen captures in regular intervals and monitor the exact time for which I was working. This was the most upsetting of all. In the event that all I had to do was take care of business, it’d be a damnation parcel easier. I’d usually take care of business in 1-2 hours. Then, at that point, I had to waste the remaining time doing “research” ( in reality I would simply open YouTube and play futile tutorials ).
Example #1 Avoid these sorts of occupation at all expense.
I used to go to the startup work around 11am and then return back at 5pm. I had the best time finishing this work. The agreement was that I would get project wise payment which I believed was really awesome because I was extremely fast as I had a decent composing speed. However, it ended up being useless financially because despite the fact that the task was finished the payment would be held off for like a half year
I had all the opportunity I could want. I mean they were not paying me to get everything done well ? Lesson#2 Don’t work in startups that don’t pay you month to month salary.
I’ve had a great deal of companions that went through the same crap. They’d work like a dog and then, at that point, the payment wouldn’t happen.
Then, at that point, when I reached home at 6pm, I had to start chipping away at the freelance task which I took up and also complete the time quota for the part time work on the off chance that it hadn’t been met during the morning (Argh… .. ). There’s nothing I wouldn’t do up until 10pm then when it got to 10 pm my eyes would be drained to such an extent that as soon as I’d lay on my bed I would not feel anything and then I’d wake up tomorrow straightforwardly.
In my theoretical calculation I was making Rs. 50k each month. Yet, that was way off the mark. The startup was the shittiest as far as payment and I was unable to make truckload of cash out of the freelance venture as I was excessively naive and didn’t ask for large chunk of change. I accept that even after maintaining 3 sources of income I’d barely make Rs. 30k a month.
It was a lot for my body to take. I quit the part time work out of pressure of being constantly watched over. Left the startup as there was no financial development and finished the freelance task. This insane binge of coding 10+ hours a day didn’t last for over 2 months. It was unsustainable as my health was on the line. My eyes endured a shot and my hands showed carpal passage condition side effects.
The main beneficial thing that came out of all of this was my experience level increased exponentially. Presently, the amount of certainty I feel while coding is unparallel.
I accept the reason I was able to pull off 3 (designer) occupations at the same time is because of my monstrous love for programming. Assuming that your passion happens to be your work you will not have any issue with it.
So the finally question is,
Was it worth the effort ?
Financially, NO !!
However, the experience, An excess of Tomfoolery !


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