What I Will Be Adding To My “Not-To-Do” List

To avoid List: Similarly As Important As Your To-Do List.
What is a To avoid list?
These are the daily things that keep you from your genuine to-do’s, burn through your time, or are simple things that aren’t helping you.
Where your to-do list can keep you organized and on target, the not-do-to list keeps you on target by reminding you of pointless habits or things.

Not-to-do #1: Checking Social Media
Considering I don’t have social media, this is a simple one for me. Having social media to assist with promoting your writing, get inspired creatively, or build a business are great purposes of those stages
I don’t think I will at any point utilize them to scroll mindlessly.
To-Do Instead: Read a genuine book that will assist me with being more productive or better in my life.

Not-to-do #2: Cross-Fit
I am not a cross-fit kind of girl. Thinking of it tires me out. Yet, going for a nice walk? I can do that.
To-Do: Instead: Take a nice walk.

Not-to-do # 3: Give No Consideration To Finance
Not reviewing my spending or planning for the future will not build the life of my fantasies.
To-Do Instead:
Cash is loads of amusing to find out about.
There are innumerable things that you would be able and likely ought to essentially find out about if you have any desire to have a fruitful financial future.
For example, what is investing, where would it be a good idea for me to invest, how much, and when?
Or then again
What number of credit cards would it be a good idea for me to have? What is credit card optimization? How do I receive a high credit score?
Instead of leaving cash as a bit of hindsight, I need to be educated about how to take advantage of the cash I do have.
As well as how to make more.

Not-to-do # 4: Keeping My 9-5 As My Main Income
Having one kind of revenue is by all accounts not the only explanation I need more than my nine-five. I have too much energy to sit and just be content with a 9-5.
To-Do Instead:
I have tried blogging before, and it didn’t work.
Is that stopping me from trying again?
Obviously, no.
I will continue learning, continue getting better, and continue to attempt new things until I find a method for making passive income doing something I appreciate.
For example,
Begin YouTube
The list goes on.

Not-to-do # 5: Remove Dairy From My Diet
It appears as though there are such countless pieces of diet advice out there. One of which being the way awful dairy is for you. I realize certain individuals are allergic, however I’m not.
I don’t know how dairy is for you. I realize certain individuals say it’s perfect, some say it’s dreadful, yet I’m going to listen to myself.
I love hot cocoas. I love having a little dish of ice cream. I’m keeping those around.
To-Do Instead: Continue drinking hot cocoas and enjoying ice cream.

Bringing It All Together:
I as of late found out about “Not-To-Do” lists in a book and thought it was really smart. I will continue drinking hot cocoas, reading about finance, and writing. Those things bring an exquisite feeling, so they all belong on a “To-Do.”
What is one thing on your “to-do” list today?

This post was about what is on my To avoid List!
I want to believe that you have a great day!


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