What is the best thing you can offer a homeless person?

America has an issue with homelessness. We have a many individuals who don’t have a home or a legitimate place to protect. And when you don’t have that basic human need met carrying your best self to life’s other’s challenges is hard.
I have a homelessness issue as well. My concern is that I don’t have any idea how to answer homeless individuals. In many areas of my life, I have a very much thought about way of contemplating situations. In any case, with regards to answering homeless individuals I actually have misfires in my processor.
Do I give them cash? Food? Water? Boxes and hiking beds? Or then again do I simply walk past?
Early in my career, I got compensated for a freelance composing project with a lot of gift certificates to a messy restaurant chain. I carried those certificates with me and handed them to homeless individuals. In any case, when they saw the name of the restaurant they usually looked as to hand them right back.

Last Week
On my regular drive last week I saw a homeless man holding a sign at a stoplight. The light was red, so I halted. Because I recalled that standard from my driver’s education class.
I had my window down and my music up. I was feeling great on a beautiful morning.
The man on the corner ventured towards me and began gesturing his head to my music.
Then he said to me, ‘Man, you are the happiest person I have seen all day!
I grin at him and answered, ‘That’s my thing!’
I asked him his name.
He said, ‘Rick.’
I answered, ‘My name is Adam.’
He shared, ‘I used to be The Unassuming Artist.’
I answered, ‘You actually are aren’t you?’
He said, ‘No.’
I asked what changed.
He admitted, ‘I don’t do art anymore. And I’m presently not unassuming.’
I said, ‘Neither, am I! Deion Sanders once said “They don’t pay no one to be unassuming!'”
We both laughed. It was really ideal to hear a homeless person laugh.
The light become green.
And I said “Meeting you, Rick was great! Have a great day. And do your art!
As I passed through Milwaukee to my midtown office I pondered my interaction with Rick.
Was our conversation worth more than cash or food?
Was it worth anything?
What about the grin and happiness I shared with him?
Or then again my advantage in learning his name?
Or on the other hand the encouragement to create art?
Did any of that assistance?
I don’t have any idea.
Maybe not.
However, I recorded his name, so I will not neglect.
And I trust that he feels like he made another companion. And that another person realizes him by name. I trust that he felt like another human regarded him as an equal. I want to believe that he realizes I’m pulling for him to find a home so he can invest more energy pondering art.

Key Takeaway
Continue to attempt to sort out the things you don’t have the foggiest idea. Life is a major examination brimming with trial and blunder. Make sure to attempt various approaches and learn what works for you. The aim ought to be to have a positive impact in your own specific manner. And share what you learn so others can learn as well.


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