What it takes to grow a startup

Standing out in the entrepreneurial world is a task that requires dedication, we will always have competition and new pursuits arising step by step. You have to make clear the goals and competitive advantages of your item to stand out and arouse the interest of everybody. Startup competitions ought to be part of the strategy, all things considered.
To do this, Gabriela Ceballos, President of Hitch shares with us a bit of her involvement with fostering a startup, specializing in the improvement of the most common way of attracting work force through neuropsychology and artificial knowledge strategies.
“Throughout the last year and up until this point this year, we have had a few occasions, for example, the Pitch Competition at Web Summit (Lisboa, PT); Inventures Pitch Competition; an initiative of Alberta Innovates (Alberta, CAN), Pitch Competition in Latinas In Tech Summit (virtual), Ladies STEMpreneurs Competition of WeXchange IDB Lab and Google for Startups (in Miami, US), Web Summit and more, in all of them we have been chosen and the HR-Tech industry has done well indeed. And raises the premium of many companies and investors, in any event, having some already shut for our next capital raising. We are extremely grateful for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in each competition”
Gabriela Ceballos shared.

The pitch
Making a pitch within these competitions isn’t easy, in addition to having the opportunity to find new markets and open skylines, it is important to take into account the experience and coaching that you get before each. As would be natural for Gabi;
“Participating further develops your pitching abilities, in addition to putting the reflector of investors on your endeavor, having potential clients inside and recruiting talent keen on collaborating with your company.”
“In a portion of the occasions you are assigned a trainer, and it is essential to follow their recommendations to have the option to accurately communicate the value of your endeavor in a few minutes. Preparation becomes relevant, as you own the item you can omit some information that attracts attention having this preparation with an external party is the most recommendable, they give you an alternate point of view and areas of opportunity for your item. The way an external outsider gets it is the way the jury and the public will get it.”

Know your industry
Hitch’s main challenge in this kind of initiative is facing obscure markets without having any idea what arrangement they are searching for. It isn’t about selling something that doesn’t exist, the goal is to see as in those two/three minutes a feed with that audience that is attractive to them and persuade them that you have the right answer for the second they live.
Knowing the universe of your industry is fundamental, it gives you a drawn out point of view and allows you to contemplate a future in an expansion in various latitudes.
Preparation is the cornerstone of startup challenges, assuming you arrive with trust in your item and practice with externals, it will always give you great outcomes.
“For my purposes, the main thing is to pass on to the team, to all of us who fabricate Hitch, the impact that we can have, it is a recognition of everybody’s work and what we construct step by step. Sales and customers are not all that matters, the most valuable thing is the satisfaction of the team and the validation of active or potential clients”.

Gabi closed.
If you want to learn more, you can pay attention to the full episode (In spanish) on our Hitch Office podcast and watch it on YouTube.


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