Why did I Stop Watching the News?

Aplane crashed in America, a man killed his 9-year-old girl, looming risk of a financial crisis in the following a year, and a giant comet is approaching the earth.
Do you truly need to know these things? We live in a hyperconnected world where we need to be informed about everything. In any case, is this negative news making you more informed?
A great deal of you might believe that our general surroundings is getting more regrettable, War, violence, terrorism, catastrophic events, corruption, and the hole between the rich and poor are getting bigger and bigger. This large number of occasions cause it to appear to be that the world is not a place of refuge to live in and is not getting any better.
In any case, have you at any point considered that every last bit of it might not be entirely evident?
Despite the fact that we have numerous serious difficulties before us like climate change, the obesity epidemic, and the pandemic. The world is not so awful as the news media make us believe.
The world is improving many years, in the last 20-30 years the proportion of the total populace living in outrageous destitution has close to split, and people have spent almost similar number of years in school by and large, over 80% of the total populace approaches electricity.
I’m not trying to paint a blushing picture of the world, I’m simply stating realities that are available so that everybody might be able to see. However, the point is that steady improvement is not news, it doesn’t get eyeballs, slow improvement is boring, and it doesn’t make you big cash to that end you’ll rarely see it in the news.
The steady influx of negative information is more destructive to us than we can imagine, If we continually uncover ourselves and passively consume news took care of to us by the media then our perception or our worldview changes. We will make determinations about the world that are not right and we will be more anxious, less optimistic, and less confident and we will fail to see the world as it truly is.
We will become anxious about things that don’t exactly make any difference to us or have no meaning in our life.

Why are we drawn toward negative news?
This solution to this question lies in our evolution, back when we were tracker gatherers, survival was our chief concern and anything that helped us in our survival was of most extreme priority. During those times our brain fostered certain instincts that remained with us right up until today.
Our brains are accustomed to jumping to swift conclusions, and it helps us in avoiding immediate risks. So we are wired to get drawn to dramatic stories and gossip since back in those days those were the main things that were the wellspring of information and aided us in our survival.
The media use this vulnerability and channel us negative news since they realize that negative and dramatic stories catch our eye, not the positive ones. The probability of negative news getting viral is six times a larger number of than a piece of positive news.
It is otherwise called negativity bias, we’re developed to respond quickly to potential dangers.

How to control the negativity instinct?
In the book Factfulness, the writer Hans Rosling gives us mental models to control the negativity instinct.
Anticipate awful news: The media will not stop and say, we should not communicate negative news since it is affecting individuals in the incorrect manner. They will continue to show it to the majority since that is the means by which they derive profits.
Instead, at whatever point you see a piece of negative news, find out if similarly, positive news would have contacted me.
Uplifting news is not news: A plane crashed in America, what might be said about the thousands of planes that didn’t crash?
A lunatic father killed his own 9-year-old girl, what might be said about millions of other 9-year-olds living happily and calmly with their families?
As I said earlier steady positive changes are not news, they will not find you, you need to find them. Steady improvements are not news.
Better and terrible: Finding positive news doesn’t imply that we put on rose-tinted glasses and put a blind eye to everything that is not ideal in this world. Things can be both better and terrible simultaneously. Covering each negative news with positive news is not the solution however it will help us most times, it is not the way in which you can live your life.
Allow me to explain, when individuals make statements are improving it doesn’t imply that they are not terrible and we should turn away. It implies that they are terrible yet moving in a superior direction. For instance,
The past was a quite violent spot. As examination from criminologist Manuel Eisner shows, homicide in European countries has been on the decline for quite a long time. Eisner estimates that in the 1200s and 1300s, Europe had a typical homicide pace of around 32 for every 100,000. By the 1900s, that rate had tumbled to around 1.4 per 100,000.
What does it imply? It implies that it is still awful yet getting better. So it is awful and better simultaneously. The probability of you getting involved in a homicide is still there, however it is very little when contrasted with the past and it is improving as we continue onward.
Expressly speaking, I haven’t watched the news actively for the beyond four years and I feel it has made me more optimistic about my general surroundings. I feel news doesn’t make me more informed it rather makes me more cynical.
As Rolf Dobelli said, “News is to the mind what sugar is to the body: appetizing, simple to digest — and highly destructive in the long run.”
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