Why do startups chase growth to build business moats?

Paul Graham once said STARTUP = GROWTH
However, why growth is so vital for a startup?
How about we comprehend from the end why startups chase growth over benefit?
In pretty much every sector you will either have a Duopoly (Two major organizations) or an imposing business model (One major market pioneer).
They might involve over half of the piece of the pie.

Scarcely any models
1.CRM — Salesforce, and Hubspot (>50% portion of the overall industry)

  1. Ride-hailing — Uber, and Lyft (>80% portion of the overall industry)
    In this way, from Edtech to Foodtech you will find duopoly in each experienced sector in each country all over the planet.
    In any case, how could that be pertinent to growth?
    Indeed, the genuine explanation for these monology and duopoly and restraining infrastructure is the business canal.
    Each new market sector leads to 100 organizations yet winds up developing with a couple of following a couple of years.
    This is worked by consuming a ton of money and obtaining customers at any expense (CAC)
    Yet, how can it work?
    In any case, Let me first oversimply this by figuring out Canal
    A channel is a profound, expansive trench, either dry or loaded up with water, that is dug and encompasses a palace, post, or town, historically to furnish it with a primer line of safeguard.
    So business Canal is a strong upper hand that empowers an organization to be productive in long haul.

We should grasp this with a couple of models
The explanation you are utilizing what’s application or Instagram is that everybody in your organization utilizes it.
This is the case of an immediate organization impact where the worth develops dramatically (not directly) every time another client comes on the Stage.
Also, this organization impact fueled most the tech organizations like Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so forth
Presently change this organization impact a little on account of an internet business brand like amazon and you will have a flywheel that makes one more sort of channel (Economies of Scale)

Allow me to make sense of it
More customers on amazon carry more retailers to sell their items. This further increments rivalry between them with more assortment at less costs.
This low cost increment request and further diminish the per-unit cost (Economies of scale).
Presently consolidates these singular growth entwines and you will have a flywheel.
Presently amazon can serve any customer the nation over at the least expensive rate as a result of organization impact and economies of scale.
Presently change this idea a tore into you can make various kinds of business channel like Exchanging costs.
It is tracked down on account of Programming (The genuine motivation behind why a few organizations actually utilize that old style programming worked in 90’s)
Indeed, there are many kinds of business channel that are utilized by a business attempting to dominate a particular sector.
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