Why You Shouldn’t Give a F*ck about People

Rant Alert. Truly, I’m finished with people.

first occurrence:

As of late I made a post on my LinkedIn regarding eliminating everybody on social media who make you feel uncertain.

I got a remark on it that said, “If you’ve to eliminate people because you feel unreliable, then there is an issue in you, right?”

Is it off-base to pick the people I want to keep in my life and eliminate the ones I don’t?

People always talk about eliminating harmful and demeaning people from their life. So does that mean a major issue with’s you?

No right?

I would rather not be encircled by people who glorify each damn thing in their life.

Isn’t it exhausting?

second episode:

I went to a family function a few days back, and an old lady halted me and started letting me know how if I don’t get married presently, I won’t ever find a decent match (FYI, Simply typical Indian thing).

I regard my older folks a great deal when they give me meaningful life advice and regard my personal decisions.

I’m only 22, for god sake. And I would rather not marry or start a family now. If my biological clock is ticking, let it tick. All I care about right now at 22 is becoming as an individual and attaining financial autonomy.

Also, isn’t it a personal decision to marry or not to marry in your early 20s?

I realize there is a gigantic generation gap, and I understand where she came from. In any case, it’s truly exhausting and annoying.

I wish we had the gadget to recognize such people around us and instantly discard them far from us.

If you’re an Indian, you’ll get me really well

I presently plan not to give a damn about these relatives and strangers because

1.It’s my life, and people don’t pay anything to live it

life is hard. And living it based on your conditions is significantly harder when you’re from a nation like India.

Here, each individual you know or meet even once in your life has already made an assessment of you.

Be that as it may, I’m right here, saying it distinctly; it’s my life,

– I pay my bills

– I’ve created this life for myself where such demeaning people’s commitment is zero

– And I know how hard my life gets when I pay attention to a stranger offering me crappy life guidance.

This is your indication of carrying on with your life based on your conditions.

Go, live it.

2. I would instead focus on people who love and backing me.

Luckily, I have an exceptionally strong family

They upheld my choice to stop my full-time work. My family also remained by me when I said I wanted to be a full-time happy essayist, and they actually support me when I don’t make millions or billions professionally.

Why shouldn’t I focus on their adoration and not what a random stranger says to me?

I also have you. You’ve upheld and cherished my substance through various challenges. Your DMs and sweet remarks make my day, trust it or presently.

My family of 1.3k followers on Medium is precious.

3. Lastly, mental peace matters the most.

Who do you cherish the most

Your mental peace or random people speaking gibberish?

I take my mental peace genuinely. Any individual, situation or thing that will in general disturb it is instantly taken out from my life; I’m serious as a heart attack.

This was the primary reason I transformed into a minimalist (call me a misanthrope, I couldn’t care less).

Minimalism has assisted me with taking essential life choices easily, and I’m comparatively less pushed and annoyed today

The aim of distributing this blog today was to remind you not to take any sh*t from any random stranger, relative, or even a friend.

Please take control of your life and unapologetically eliminate poisonous people from your life today

Thanks for reading.


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